PadFone X mini Folio Bundle

    PadFone X mini Folio Bundle

    Comfort & Style – The ultimate protective bundle

    • Bespoke protective covers for both PadFone X mini and PadFone X mini Station that are designed to work together – even when the phone is docked.
    • Protects your screen and minimizes scratches, scrapes and dents. It features a soft microfiber inner cover and a durable polyurethane outer cover for maximum protection.
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      PadFone X mini folio bundle undergoes a series of durability tests, which include paint abrasion, resistance to impact, extreme temperatures, humidity and solvents. The inner layer is made of a fine microfiber cloth that keeps the screen safe from scratches and scrapes.

      A protective cover and stand

      • PadFone X mini with a snap on Side Flip Cover can easily slip into the PadFone X mini Station without the need to remove the Side Flip Cover. Intuitive and easy to use!
      • PadFone X mini Station TriCover is foldable at an angle which optimized for watching movies or reading on the landscape mode.