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      Relentless power for true gamers, packs desktop performance into aggressive yet highly ergonomic notebooks tailor-made for enthusiasts


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      Gaming knows no boundaries with the ROG GR8 Console PC. It packs incredible processing power and graphics performance in a compact 2.5-liter chassis, making it a gaming PC that's ideal for the living room, bedroom or LAN parties. Hardcoded for gaming, ROG GR8 has ROG-exclusive audio and network optimization features; as well as a special slide-off, easy-access panel for quick upgrades.

      ROG G20AJ

      Deceptively Powerful

      Graphics Cards

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      The Republic of Gamers graphics card are designed and built for the most demanding gamers and competitive overclockers. With premium hardware engineering yielding incredible innovations, they are always the best in-class.


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      ASUS headphones and headsets bring you breathtaking audio, comfort, and style through careful design. Each augments your favorite tunes, movies, and games with true-to-life sound thanks to meticulously-selected components and the latest personal audio technologies.


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      Get the best typing and control experiences with optimized and highly affordable bundles that cater to all your input needs in one package.

      Sound Cards

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      This entire Xonar product line is focused on providing great audio clarity and performance across all forms of digital entertainment. With an extensive array of comprehensive features and the best audio technologies available on the market today, there's a Xonar product for everyone.


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      Gripping excitement - Tested to ultra-accurate standards for the finest gaming input. Advanced sensors and macros cater to all genres, affording reflex-enhancing control.

      ROG Certified Products

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      Solid-state drives improve the overall performance of your PC with lower latency and faster access speeds, and are more power efficient and reliable than mechanical drives.