ROG Centurion

    ROG Centurion

    ROG Centurion true 7.1 gaming headset with 10 discrete drivers, digital microphone, Hi-Fi-grade headphone amplifier, and USB audio station

    • True 7.1 surround sound with 10 individual sound drivers
    • Noise-cancelling digital microphone for clear communication
    • Hi-Fi grade ESS headphone amplifier
    • Full audio control with Sonic Studio
    • Two sets of interchangeable ear cups to fit each gamer’s personal preference
    • USB audio station with handy in-game audio controls
    • Exclusive ROG stand for storing the headset when not in use
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    Ultimate gaming immersion

    ROG Centurion is a premium true 7.1 surround-sound gaming headset with 10 discrete drivers for sensational audio and precise positioning, and a noise-cancelling digital microphone for crystal-clear in-game voice communication. The headset features a Hi-Fi-grade ESS headphone amplifier to deliver realistic and impactful audio that makes games come alive. The included plug-and-play USB audio station gives you instant, full control of your audio experience for superior sound and an undeniable edge in the battlefield.

    Unbeatable true 7.1 surround sound

    ROG Centurion sets itself apart from other 7.1 gaming headsets with its five discrete neodymium magnets in each ear cup that deliver true 7.1-channel surround sound with incredible fidelity. In order to achieve optimal sound quality, ROG designers spent an excess of time and effort fine-tuning the position of each driver and the precision of the headphone's chamber mechanics to achieve optimal sound quality and accurate positioning unmatched by any other true 7.1 gaming headset. Every gunshot and footstep comes through with pinpoint accuracy and stunning clarity, bringing the battlefield to life. With its exceptional engineering, ROG Centurion delivers punchy and immersive audio for an unparalleled gaming experience.

    Perfect for music listening

    Regardless of whether your favorite game features 7.1, 5.1, or stereo audio, ROG Centurion will reproduce it in the most optimal, natural way. With just a click of the 7.1/stereo mode toggle switch on the audio station, you can easily change between surround and stereo audio.

    true 7.1/stereo mode switch lets you easily select the optimal output mode for the source content

    Source content 7.1 switch/stereo switch Output
    7.1 7.1 mode 7.1 surround
    5.1 7.1 mode 5.1 surround1
    Stereo Stereo mode Stereo2

    1 When listening to 5.1 content, the side-surround drivers will be muted.
    2 When listening to stereo content, the side and rear drivers will be muted.

    Crystal-clear communication

    ROG Centurion comes with a unidirectional digital microphone, which uses an optimized sound-processing algorithm to deliver a level of pure voice quality that traditional analog microphones cannot achieve. Boasting an impressive signal-to-noise ratio, extended wideband frequency response and high sensitivity rating, the digital microphone delivers crystal-clear voice reproduction, balanced and natural-sounding vocal tones, and minimal background noise pickup.

    The microphone's flexible design lets you adjust it to the perfect position, and also allows it to be folded backward and attached to the ear cup for easy transportation and storage.

    ROG Centurion digital microphone Standard analog microphones
    Frequency Response1 100~12000Hz 100~10000Hz
    Signal-to-Noise Ratio2 65dB 60db
    Sensitivity3 -26dB -38db

    1 Frequency response is a quantitative measurement of the sound range that speakers can reproduce. A wider range is better.
    2 The signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) is a measurement that compares the level of the desired signal to the level of background noise. A higher SNR is better.
    3 Sensitivity is a measurement of the power required to activate speaker drivers to achieve a set volume level. Lower sensitivity requires more power and higher sensitivity requires less power. Higher sensitivity is better.

    Hi-Fi grade headphone amplifier
    for true-to-life gaming audio

    ROG engineers applied their extensive experience of designing world-class sound cards to ROG Centurion with the goal of providing extraordinarily clear and stunning audio performance to gamers. ROG Centurion comes with an external control box that works exactly like a sound card and features a hi-fi-grade ESS amplifier — the world's highest performance headphone amplifier — to improve audio performance even further for brilliant, balanced sound when gaming and listening to music.

    Full and powerful audio control

    Instant Sound Status Check

    Main Settings

    Common audio settings, such as volume and input/output selection are right at your fingertips. You can also adjust each channel to create the perfect sound mix.

    Audio Profiles

    Instantly enable pre-set profiles — such as gaming, movie, music, etc. — with one click


    Adjust gain levels at different frequencies


    Play sound with a selection of environmental effects

    Bass Boost

    Adjust low-frequency harmonics for immersive game sounds

    Voice Clarity

    Increase speech recognition in movie and music playback


    Adjust tightening level based on a given threshold

    Perfect Voice Technology

    Eliminates noises for clear in-game communication

    Sonic Radar Pro

    Visualize in-game sounds to pinpoint enemies instantly

    ROG Centurion comes with ASUS Sonic Studio, a full-featured and easy-to-use sound utility that provides gamers complete control over a wide range of audio features, such as equalization (EQ) and 7.1 surround speaker level-balancing. Unlike typical audio utilities with multi-screen interfaces that make configuration complicated and time-consuming, Sonic Studio has an intuitive all-in-one view that puts all the necessary audio controls on a single screen to make adjustments fast and easy.

    Sonic Studio also includes controls for Sonic Radar Pro, a unique feature that precisely maps in-game sounds — such as footsteps and gunshots — and displays them on an on-screen overlay, so gamers can pinpoint their enemies for a competitive advantage in first-person shooters.

    Ultimate comfort

    Large interchangeable ear cushions
    and optimal clamping force

    Comfort is a key component of a great gaming headset, but what is considered comfortable varies from person to person. To fit each gamer's unique preference, ROG Centurion comes with both ultra-soft, full-size memory foam and highly-breathable protein leather ear cushions. Both sets of cushions provide great comfort for prolonged gaming sessions with no ear fatigue.

    Additionally, the headband employs an optimized clamping force based on lab testing using a wide range of head types to further improve wearing comfort.


    Protein leather

    Convenient in-game audio adjustments

    Plug-and-play USB audio station

    Hold total control in your hand with the ROG Centurion USB plug-and-play audio station, a USB sound card that also provides effective environmental noise cancellation (ENC) technology, brilliant game-audio spectrum profiles, and a headphone amplifier. Its dedicated, switch-operated speaker output jack even lets you easily switch audio output from headset to speakers without unplugging your headset.


    ENC microphone


    7.1/stereo mode switch


    Headphone amp on/off


    Mic mute


    Speaker output switches


    ENC on/off


    Control mode selector

    A. ENC microphone

    B. 7.1/stereo mode switch

    C. Headphone amp on/off

    D. Mic mute

    E. Speaker output switches

    F. ENC on/off

    G. Control mode selector

    Dedicated volume controls for each channel and microphone

    Different games may use various recording methods, so the balance of each channel might be affected and need to be adjusted. ROG Centurion provides dedicated volume controls for each surround channel, so gamers can fine-tune the balance without hassle.

    Four game-audio spectrum profiles

    With four custom game-audio profile settings, you can enjoy the best audio performance for a variety of game genres, including first-person shooter (FPS), racing, action, and role-playing games (RPGs). Choose the suitable game-audio profile to boost critical audio details instantly. Aggressive wheel-drift effects put you right in the middle of the race track, and enhanced footsteps and gunfire sounds mean you'll pinpoint enemies more quickly and with exceptional precision.

    Hear for yourself!

    Put on your headset and choose one of the modes below to experience ROG Centurion's game-audio spectrum profiles for yourself.






    The built-in microphone detects and counters environment noises

    Filters out more than 90% of environmental noise

    ROG Centurion USB audio station features a built-in microphone that actively detects and counters more than 90%* of environmental noise, such as mechanical keyboard tapping and speech, so your friends aren't distracted in chat by noises occurring around you.

    *Connect via USB to activate the Environmental noise cancellation (ENC) feature. The ENC performance result is tested and verified in ASUS lab, and actual performance may vary depending on distance from noise source, room size, placement and other factors.

    Static and breathing lighting effects

    Express your gaming style with ROG Centurion's glowing logo and additional lighting effects. Choose between static or breathing lighting with a simple click of a button on the audio station.