ASUS A7000-X

    -ASUS GameFace Live™
    -ASUS Video Security Online™
    -ASUS OnScreenDiplay™
    -Salida TV de alta calidad para presentaciones en gran pantalla

      Offer Dazzling Visual Experience with the Cost-Effective Price
      Powered by ATI's Radeon 7000 Visual Processing Unit(VPU), ASUS A7000-X provides outstanding image quality and high performance for immersive gameplay and business. Incorporating various cutting edge technologies such as ATI HYPER Z PIXEL TAPESTRY VIDEO IMMERSIONand ASUS GameFace Live, ASUS Video Security Online, A7000-X is suitable for users who hope to gain maximal graphics capabilities and performance in budget prices.

      Why ASUS is Better?
      ASUS GameFace Livefor real-time video/audio communication
      ASUS Video Security Onlinefor building private security system.
      ASUS OnScreenDisplay allows you to instantly change various 3D settings in almost any PC game without the need to quite the game
      High-quality TV output for big screen gaming or presentations

      Chipset Feature
      ATI Radeon7000 VPU
      HYPER Z compression for improved performance
      PIXEL TAPESTRY optimized rendering engine and supports advanced multi-texturing and new 3D effects.
      VIDEO IMMERSION integrates features to provide unprecedented support for digital and high definition video.
      Microsoft DirectX 7.0 and OpenGL support
      AGP 4X support