Mini Size. Max Entertainment.

    This single tiny box is your best living room companion. Don’t let size mislead you, the S1-AT5NM10E defies small form factor PC limitations. It comes with the Intel® ATOM™ D525 dual core processor and next generation NVIDIA® ION™ graphics to deliver outstanding visual performance.
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      Mini Size. Max Entertainment.

      Meet the Simplicity

      The S1-AT5NM10E goes out of the traditional bulky box design of PCs and transforms into a mini case. It can fit anywhere, and is highly portable. The compact S1-AT5NM10E packs full features and easy-access ports to serve as a perfect daily info and entertainment center PC.

      Full HD Home Entertainment

      ASUS S series barebones PCs are tailored for home entertainment usage with the Intel® ATOM™ D525 dual core processor and next generation NVIDIA® ION™ graphics.

      The embedded powerful discrete graphics engine and HDMI output deliver 1080p HD playback with support for DirectX10.

      Get Connected!

      802.1 1bgn Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and CIR — the S1-AT5NM10E enables effortless wireless broadband. Ample I/O ports provide easy access to complete connectivity and endless multimedia, gaming, music, and photo viewing enjoyment.

      DDR3 800MHz Support

      The S1-AT5NM10E supports DDR3 memory to meet the higher bandwidth requirements of the latest operating systems, graphics, multimedia, and applications. DDR3 architecture doubles system memory bandwidth to boost performance.

      Speed Up!

      The S1-AT5NM10E features new USB 3.0 in the front I/O, providing a bandwidth of about 5Gbps, or up to 10 times current USB2.0. This allows for faster transfers of HD content. Devices even recharge faster with 900mA charging, while USB 3.0 incorporates environmentally-friendly measures to save energy—it puts devices in idle or shuts them down when not in use.

      *USB 3.0 speeds quoted are component specification. Actual speeds may vary by configuration and devices used.

      Excellent Thermal and Acoustic Solution

      All components in the S1-AT5NM10E have been optimized for the best placement and airflow.

      Also, S1-AT5NM10E has the unique Q-Fan technology to detect CPU load and temperatures automatically, adjusting fan speeds to provide the best thermal and acoustic solution for a quiet environment.

      Exclusive ASUS Software

      Asus Software Feature
      My Logo Download your favorite images from Windows onto the BIOS Flash ROM, providing a fast, convenient way to "decorate" your system
      AI Manager A simple platform to adjust performance, operate utilities and get system information
      Express Gate™ An exclusive ASUS-developed OS empowering users with quick access to a host of commonly used features, including browser, instant messenger, photo manager, and other key applications - all before loading Windows®

      EZ Flash

      Simply update your BIOS from a USB flash disk before entering the OS


      Intelligently and automatically adjust CPU fan speeds according to system load and temperature

      Crash Free BIOS

      Allows users to restore corrupted BIOS data from USB flash containing the BIOS file, saving the cost and hassle of buying a replacement BIOS chip.