Important Information

Advanced Replacement Service for Australia

Five Steps to Advanced Replacement Service (ARS)

1. Please complete all required details, excluding the RMA Number, correctly on the Advanced Replacement Service (ARS) Request Form including the Product Information, Model, Serial Number, Customer and Shipping Information, and the Symptom.

2. Please email the completed Advanced Replacement Service (ARS) Request Form, which can be downloaded here, and email to to get an RMA Number.

3. ASUS will notify you once the replacement has been shipped out.

4. Once the replacement is received, please print a hard copy of the completed Advanced Replacement Service (ARS) Request Form and send it to the below address:

  • ASUS Service Australia Pty Ltd Customer
  • Unit 6, Gateway Business Park 63-79 Parramatta Road
    Silverwater, NSW 2128

5. Please retain a copy of the Advanced Replacement Service (ARS) Request Form for your reference.

Terms and Conditions

1. Return the original defective product to ASUS within 14 days from the date that the replacement product was received. If we do not receive the defective product by the 14th day, the Customer will be charged for the total costs of the provided Advanced Replacement Service (ARS), which includes the replacement product price, and any shipping and handling costs, and the ASUS Advanced Replacement Service (ARS) Team will not accept the return of the defective product anymore.

2. ASUS expects that the returned faulty unit(s) are free from physical damage or oxidation, and an extra charge may be incurred for items that void the Warranty.

3. ASUS only requires the defective part, such as mainboards, cards, fans and power supplies only, and will not be held liable for any lost or damaged components that are sent in addition to the defective part.

Supported Models

ASUS Advanced Replacement Service (ARS) is valid for the below supported models only

  • ASUS Server and Server Barebones: Only electronic parts and parts that may influence the system function and operation will be applicable for Advanced Replacement Service (ARS), such as fans, boards, cards and power supply units.

For other parts not mentioned above they are not valid for the Advanced Replacement Service (ARS) and will be ordered as needed with a lead time of around one week.