Q1. Can I use CU4K30 or FHD120 for live streaming on a MacBook?
A1. Yes, both CU4K30 and FHD120 can support Windows and MAC system.

Q2. Is a driver required for CU4K30 or FHD120?
A2. No, either CU4K30 or FHD120 uses inbox driver provided by OS, no additional driver required.
Q3. Do CU4K30 and FHD120 support devices such as PS/Switch/Xbox or live streaming of PC games?
A3. Yes, but you have to disable HDCP in advance.
Q4. Do CU4K30 and FHD120 support game playing and live streaming in 4K HDR?
A4. CU4K30 supports resolution of 4K@60Hz HDR, 2k@144Hz HDR and 1080P@240Hz HDR for pass-through, max 4K@30HZ video recording. FHD120 supports resolution of 4K@60Hz, 2k@60Hz and 1080P@120Hz for pass-through, max 1080P@120Hz video recording.

Q5. Do CU4K30 or FHD120 support third-party live streaming software, Such as OBS or X split?
A5. Both CU4K30 and FHD120 pass OBS official certificate, it’s recommended to download OBS for live streaming.

Q6. Why use CU4K30 and FHD120 for two-computer live streaming of PC games such as Player unknown’s Battleground and League of Heroes?
A6. Live streaming and playing games on the same computer occupy a lot of system resource and may lead to system lagging. With CU4K30 and FHD120, you can another computer to live stream and reduce the CPU Load on the gaming computer for an improved gaming experience.

Q7. What does "the prompt not Support" (white characters on black background) mean in live streaming software?
A7. This prompt appears when the preview resolution selected and resolution for pass-through monitor does not match or input resolution is 1920x1080 but 2560x1440 / 3840x2160 preview resolution is selected.

Q8. Can I connect CU4K30 or FHD120 to a USB2.0 port on a computer for live streaming?
A8. Yes, but we recommend that you connect CU4K30/FHD120 to a USB3.2 Gen1x1 port, since the maximum recording resolution is only 720p@30Hz for USB 2.0.

Q9. Is the firmware for CU4K30 or FHD120 upgradable?
A9. Yes, you can go to the official ASUS website to download the Video Capture Console app for firmware update.
Q10. What do I need to do before upgrading the firmware?
A10. Before updating the firmware, make sure that CU4K30/FHD120 is connected to a USB3.0 port on your computer (USB2.0 does not support firmware upgrade) and you have exited any live streaming software.

Q11. Do CU4K30/FHD120 support a 21:9 aspect ratio?
A11. No, they don't support a resolution of 21:9.
Q12. How does Chroma sampling work?
A12. The source of either RGB or YUV444/YUV422/YUV420 will be converted to YUV444 and output through USB.
Q13. To connect my phone to CU4K30/FHD120, should I connect it to the Type-C port directly or use a Type-C to HDMI adapter to connect to the HDMI port on CU4K30/FHD120?
A13. Connect your phone to the HDMI port on CU4K30/FHD120 with a Type-C to HDMI adapter for audio transmission. Note that your phone must support full function USB Type-C, including PD, DP, and USB.

Q14. How do I adjust the volume of the headphone and microphone?
A14. You can adjust the volume as you normally would even when they are connected to CU4K30/FHD120. You can go to the official ASUS website (www.asus.com) to download the Video Capture Console app for audio control.

Q15. When I am doing live game streaming on a PS5, I can hear all sound, including chats with teammates on TV. However, when I stream video, I cannot hear chats. How can I fix this?
A15. Connect one end of the 3.5mm to 3.5mm audio cable that came bundled with the box to the party chat connector on the capture box and the other to your gamepad. Refer to the quick start guide for details.

Q16. Can CU4K30/FHD120 support 1080P@120fps recording?
A16. Yes, please go to ASUS official website www.asus.com to download the Video Capture Console app and update the firmware to latest to make sure you can enjoy latest features.

Q17. What do the LED lights and the words that occasionally show up on the OBS preview scene mean?
A17.Please refer to the table below to learn about default light effect and words meaning. Note: When you change the light effect setting in Video Capture Console, the light you see may be different the default status listed here.



Light effect

OBS preview


Standby mode(USB 2.0)

Connect to PC  USB 2.0 port, HDMI in unplugged

Static Green



Standby mode(USB 3.2)

Connect to PC  USB 3.2 port, HDMI in unplugged

Static Blue



Working mode(Party mode off)

Connect to PC  USB port, HDMI in plugged

Rainbow effect



Working mode(Party mode on)

Connect to PC  USB port, HDMI in plugged, line out connected to gamepad

Color cycle



HDMI signal interrupt

HDMI unplugged

Yellow strobing effect

Video signal is abnormal

When OBS running but HDMI input unplugged

HDMI signal abnormal

Red strobing effect

Video signal is abnormal

When OBS running and HDMI input plugged, but no signal output from HDMI source

EDID fail

Resolution for pass-through not supported

Red breath effect

Not support

Resolution required for pass-through monitor and OBS doesn’t match

HDCP/resolution change unsupported

Output resolution not supported

Static red

Not support

Resolution from HDMI source is lower than required by OBS

HDCP detected

Static red


HDMI source contains HDCP constraint

Device/USB abnormal

Device or USB error

Red strobing effect



HDMI input unlocked

HDMI signal undetected(within 30 seconds)

Yellow strobing effect


OBS not running and HDMI input unplugged

HDMI signal undetected(over 30 seconds)

Static warm white


OBS not running and HDMI input unplugged

Firmware update

Firmware upgrading

Orange breath



Firmware upgrade successfully

Static orange



Firmware upgrade failed

Red strobing effect




Q18. Does CU4K30 passthrough support Variable Refresh Rate (VRR)?
A18. Yes, but CU4K30’s firmware must be updated to latest version. You can go to ASUS official website www.asus.com to download the Video Capture Console for firmware live update.