Important Information

ASUS LCD Monitor specific Warranty information for Australia and New Zealand

Last Update : 2022/01/19

ASUS Australia and New Zealand LCD Monitor Warranty Policy

ASUSTeK Computer INC. Taiwan ("ASUS") warrants that this product has been manufactured, tested, and inspected to comply with industry specifications. ASUS will provide Warranty Coverage without charge if the purchased product is proven defective in material and workmanship under normal use within the Warranty Period, from the date of purchase from ASUS or its authorised Reseller. You must present the proof of purchase to an ASUS service centre for any warranty claims.

If the product fails during normal and proper use within the Warranty Period, ASUS will, at its discretion, repair or replace the defective parts within the product, or the product itself, with items that are functionally equivalent to that as originally supplied, or better, during the warranty period defined for the model, using new or refurbished parts or units. All components repaired or replaced by an ASUS Service Centre will be under Warranty for the remaining Warranty period, or no less than 90 days.

Please keep the original packaging; you can use it if your product needs to be returned for repair. Original packaging provides better protection for your product during transportation. If the product is not packaged in its original box, ASUS will not be liable for any damages occurring during transit. If the product is under Warranty, the ownership of the replaced defective parts will automatically be transferred to ASUS.


Warranty Coverage:

Three years Australia-wide ("Mainland") Pick Up Warranty for Australia

Three years New Zealand-wide ("Mainland") Pick Up Warranty for New Zealand


Warranty procedure for LCD monitors:

If the product is faulty within the Warranty Period, please get in touch with ASUS Support on 1300 278 788 for Australia and 0800 278 788 for New Zealand to return the LCD monitor for Warranty for initial phone support and troubleshooting. If a genuine problem exists, ASUS will issue an RMA (return authorisation number) for returning the product to the ASUS service centre.

  1. Except for public holidays, the LCD can be dropped into the ASUS service centre location Monday to Friday, 9 am to 6 pm (AEST/AEDT, or NZST/NZDT).
  2. Pickup and return service will be organised by ASUS using the designated freight carrier. Before sending the product back. The RMA number must be clearly marked outside the original packaging with the provided service centre address. ASUS will return the product without notice if the RMA number is not visible upon receiving the product
  3. ASUS is not responsible for any damage or loss in transit by the freight carrier
  4. If complete packaging is not provided, ASUS may charge for the packing to return the product


DOA Policy for LCD monitors:

ASUS will regard the LCD to be "Dead on Arrival (DOA)" if it does not "power on" or operate to the specifications and standards as per the manual or bears manufactured physical damage within the first thirty calendar days after purchase. You must present such a product to the ASUS Reseller within the same period with all the accessories and original packaging, where possible. We recommend that you contact ASUS Support on 1300 278 788 for Australia and 0800 278 788 for New Zealand to pre-screen and troubleshoot any product before presenting the product back to the Reseller. The Reseller will also check if the unit is complete and perform an initial check-up.


Warranty Exclusion for DOA/RMA:

The customer bears the cost of repair/freight for the following:

  1. Damaged parts or components not sold or manufactured by ASUS;
  2. Parts repaired or replaced by parties other than an ASUS Authorised Service Centre;
  3. There is damage caused by an external electrical fault, accident, natural disaster, intentional or accidental misuse, abuse, neglect or improper maintenance, or use under abnormal conditions;
  4. There is damage caused by improper installation or improper connection to the display device;
  5. Units purchased outside the service coverage region;
  6. No-Fault found and other excluded circumstances;
  7. The Warranty also ceases if damaged by: use for which it is not designed/accidents/misuse/incorrect voltage;


This Limited Warranty does not apply to ("EXCLUDED CIRCUMSTANCES")

  1. Removed, revised, defaced, or damaged Warranty seals and/or original factory serial numbers;
  2. Damage resulting from improper installation, including, but not limited to, incorrect or insufficient electric power supply (Refer to the user's guide for proper installation procedures and power supply requirements.);
  3. Defects resulting from long-term improper use;
  4. Damage (including cosmetic damage such as scratches, spots, or dents), failure, loss, or personal injury due to misuse, abuse, negligence, improper maintenance and storage, or acts of nature;
  5. Damage incurred while being transported or moved by the customer;
  6. Damage resulting from virus infection or installation of illegal software.

Register your product online at The information you provide will benefit you in receiving updated ASUS product information.


Important Information

Pixel functionality:

Your LCD contains more than one million individual pixels. Sometimes, a number of these pixels do not function normally. Your LCD has been inspected and found to comply with the manufacturer's Defective Dot Policy. A pixel (picture element) consists of red, green, and blue dot sub-pixels. A transistor drives each dot. When a transistor becomes defective, the corresponding dot may become permanently bright or dark.

A Bright dot is a White or sub-pixel always on under a Black pattern, and a Dark dot is a Black or sub-pixel that is always off under any pattern.


Taking care of your LCD:

  1. Turn off the LCD if you will not use it for an extended period. Doing this will help you save electric power consumption and prolong your LCD's life.
  2. Do not touch the LCD with your fingers, sharp, and/or hard object so as not to scratch the LCD.
  3. Use a monitor-cleaning sheet to wipe off the dirt from the LCD gently. Do not use your fingers!
  4. Do not use any chemicals or detergents to clean the LCD.
  5. Use a screen saver to avoid possible damage caused by long-term static (non-moving) images being displayed.




Parts and Accessories (optional)

3 Years

3 Years

1 Year (cables and bundled gifts are excluded from the warranty)


Purchased Before February 2022: LCD Panel Bright/Dark Dot Warranty & Regulation

Since the LCD panel comprises millions of microelectronic pixels, it will become a bright or dark dot if one pixel no longer functions normally. By ISO 13406-2 standards, ASUS conforms to the acceptance level between three to five defective bright/dark pixels. To deliver the ultimate visual experience to ASUS customers, if your panel is less than or equal to the above number of dots, it is considered an acceptable LCD monitor. In addition, the Premium Range of ASUS LCDs offers a unique Zero Bright Dot (Zero Bright Dot) warranty. Please refer to ASUS LCD Monitor Bright/Dark Dot Warranty Table below.


  1. A Pixel consists of sub-pixels: one red, one green and one blue dot. A bright dot is a sub-pixel always on under a Black pattern. A dark dot is a sub-pixel that is always off under any pattern.
  2. Micro Dot, less than or equal to 1/2 dot (50μmφ), is excluded from the warranty.
  3. Non-Zero Bright Dot/Zero Bright Dot warranty models may vary between regions.


ProArt Series

Bright Dot

Dark Dot

36 months




All Other Series

Bright Dot

Dark Dot

36 months




Purchased After February 2022: LCD Perfect Pixel Warranty & Regulation

Since the LCD panel comprises millions of microelectronic pixels, it will become a bright or dark dot if one pixel no longer functions normally. To deliver the ultimate visual experience to ASUS customers, any bright dot or dark dot will be provided Warranty Coverage.


Perfect Pixel

Bright Dot

Dark Dot

36 months




Special Local Service Information

The following clauses apply in the designated country/territory only.



ASUS products come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law. You are entitled to a replacement or refund for a major failure and compensation for any other reasonably foreseeable loss or damage. You are also entitled to have the products repaired or replaced if the goods fail to be of acceptable quality and the failure does not amount to a major failure.

You can find more information about the Australian Consumer Law on the ACCC website: (see under For Consumers tab).

ASUSTeK Computer Inc. offers this Warranty in conjunction with any guarantees imposed by the Australian Consumer Law.


ASUS Service Centre Contact Information

Australia ASUS Service Australia Pty Ltd
Service Hour 09:00-18:00, Mon. ~ Fri., excluding public holiday
Technical Support 1300 278 788
Service Locations
New Zealand Tech Master Ltd (Authorised Service Partner)
Service Hour 09:00-18:00, Mon. ~ Fri., excluding public holiday
Technical Support 0800 278 788
Service Locations Zealand


Procedure for making a warranty claim

(a) To make a claim You can do one of the following things:

  • Contact our Call Centre by telephone on 1300 278 788 in Australia or 0800 278 788 in New Zealand; or
  • Visit Your retailer (place of purchase) and lodge the claim personally with retail staff; or
  • Visit Your local ASUS Service Centre (details of locations provided below), and lodge the claim personally with ASUS Service Centre staff.

(b) When You lodge Your claim You should provide a full description of the Product and the reason for the claim.

(c) Once You have lodged Your claim, we will ask You or Your retailer to return the Product. To return the Product, You or Your retailer can do one of the following things:

  • Arrange for the Product to be delivered to ASUS (at Your own expense); or
  • Request that ASUS arrange a courier to collect the Product from You (This applies only if the Product is covered under the Warranty. ASUS will bear this cost); or
  • Return the Product to Your local ASUS Service Centre.

(d) You will need to present a copy of Your receipt as proof of purchase in order to make a claim under the Warranty as the original receipt will not be returned. You can do this by:

  • Including a copy of the receipt with the Product if it is delivered to ASUS for repair; or
  • Provide a copy to ASUS Service Centre staff if You return Your Product to Your local ASUS Service Centre.

(e) We will then assess Your claim and notify You whether it is covered under the Warranty. The decision whether to repair or replace a Product is at our sole discretion unless there is a “major failure” as defined in the Australian Consumer Law.

(f) If the claim is approved, we will deliver the repaired or replaced Product back to You at our own cost. You will need to provide us with Your contact details so that we can return the Product to You.

(g) If the claim is rejected and we determine the Product is not covered under the Warranty, an Assessment Fee and Courier Fee will apply, and we will deliver the Product back to You. This will be at Your expense. If Your claim is not covered, ASUS will offer to repair the Product at Your expense, a Repair Fee and Courier Fee will apply.

(h) Please note that our courier service is limited to areas within Australia that are accessible by our couriers. For more information please contact our Call Centre on 1300 278 788.


This warranty is provided by:

ASUSTeK Computer Inc.
1F., No. 15, Lide Rd., Beitou Dist.
Taipei City 112, Taiwan
Phone: +886-2-2894-3447