ASUS Triple Display USB-C Dock DC300

ASUS Triple Display USB-C Dock

Compact productivity magic

Two docks sitting on a desk.
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Triple-display Support

Ready for triple 4K displays

One dock connecting to three external monitors.


Connect up to 8 devices

Fast Transfers

Connect at super speeds

A dock, a laptop, and a cellphone sitting on a desk.

Transfer speed

10 Gbps

USB 3.2 Gen 2

4.5 secs

5 Gbps

USB 3.0

20 secs

480 Mbps

USB 2.0

205 secs

High-speed Charging

Charge fast, charge in tandem

A dock, a laptop, and a cellphone sitting on a desk.
Up to
USB-C® charging output
Up to
USB-A charging output
Up to
USB-C® power delivery

Efficient Control

One-button wake-up and remote management

A dock next to a laptop with its power button lit up to showcase the one-button wake-up function.
One-button wake up
A dock sitting on an office desk showcasing the IT remote management function.
Remote IT management

Clean and Tidy

Reduce desk clutter

A dock connected to a laptop and a cellphone.
  1. ASUS Triple Display USB-C Dock DC300 support varies by the processor and graphics capabilities of the connected laptop. Please check specifications for full details.
  2. Video output may vary by input signal. ASUS Triple Display USB-C Dock DC300 supports up to one 4K display for a laptop which supports DSC (Display Stream Compression). When the DSC (Display Stream Compression) standard of your device and monitor supports a compression ratio of 3:1, the dock supports a resolution of up to 4K@60Hz in dual display mode (USB-C® + HDMI 2.0 or USB-C® + DisplayPort 1.4) and supports up to 4K@30Hz in triple display mode.
  3. ASUS Triple Display USB-C Dock DC300 is compatible with certain ASUS laptops as well as non-ASUS laptops. It works with laptops that support the industry-standard USB-C Alternate Mode or Thunderbolt protocols via the Type-C port.
  4. Chart depicts expected transfer time for 4 GB of data. Real-world performance may vary.
  5. ASUS Triple Display USB-C Dock DC300 supports additional features, such as MAC address passthrough, WOL, multiple display support and mirrored power button, on many ASUS laptops and displays. Some features may not be available on certain ASUS laptops, ASUS Chromebook, or non-ASUS laptops. Please find tech spec for compatible device.
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