Simplified Device Control and Management for Business

The ASUS Device Admin for Mobile (ADAM) system allows you to manage devices locally or remotely with ease, bringing more flexibility, security, and manageability to your mobile devices.
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Save Significant Development Time with ADAM

ASUS ADAM comes with a comprehensive set of APIs that give you full control over M Series tablets. Using these APIs, system integrators (SI) and independent software vendors (ISV) can deploy end-to-end solutions in vertical markets efficiently and effectively. This helps reduce downtime for critical infrastructure and increases ROI through reduced development costs.
  • Off-the-Shelf Tablet

    M Series Tablet with ADAM

  • Time required
    Effort is needed to get the original source code for further modification.

    Step 1

    Collect Source Code

    Time required None!
    No need to collect and modify the source code as it's already done by ADAM.
  • Time required
    Customize AOSP(Android Open Source Project) to meet usage requirements.

    Step 2

    Customize OS

    Time required None!
    The AOSP is already customized into an easy-to-ease visualized UI.
  • Time required
    Design customized application for use in the specific business or occasion.

    Step 3

    Design Dedicated App

    Time required
    Design customized application for use in the specific business or occasion.
  • Time required
    Install the customized application into each device, one at a time.

    Step 4

    Install App to Devices

    Time required
    Remote batch install and system configuration through ADAM.
  • Off-the-Shelf Tablet

    Total Development Time Required

    Off-the-Shelf Tablet

Take Full Control of Your Tablets

ADAM provides an user-friendly UI based control console that allows system administrators to easily control each device with the least effort - Monitor device status, control embedded hardware and software, and deploy your latest apps to each device with a few simple steps – all with ADAM.
  • Hardware Control

    System administrators can choose to block unwanted actions as well as deactivate WiFi, Bluetooth, or selected ports to prevent data leaks. In the event of loss or theft, system administrators can lock and wipe M Series to ensure no sensitive data can be extracted. To track who's using the device, the front and rear camera can be activated by the admin.

  • Software Control

    ASUS ADAM allows system administrators to easily manage and control the system software. The admin can silently install selected apps and choose which apps to hide or show on the client side. The admin can also whitelist, blacklist or block websites in the native browser; block certain system keys and bars to prevent users from performing unwanted actions; or send a message to each device to deliver important notices.

  • Kiosk Mode

    With ADAM, system admin can easily switch a device into Kiosk Mode. This allows system admin to lock down the M Series to a specific application, preventing anyone using the device for other purposes, making the M Series tablets the perfect choice for public use.

  • Mobile Device Management

    For those who have to manage hundreds or even thousands of devices, ADAM Connected™ - an optional online admin console – is available. With this great feature, all activities supported by ADAM can be easily accessed via the web. This makes app updates and system deployment extremely easy and efficient.

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