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ASUS VisualMaster
ASUS VisualMaster is a suite of exclusive visual enhancement technologies — including ASUS Tru2Life and ASUS TruVivid — that combine hardware and software to deliver an incredibly realistic visual experience.
Bluelight Filter
ASUS Tru2Life technology
ASUS Tru2Life technology uses the latest image processing technology to deliver incredibly realistic images with accurate contrast, sharpness, and detail. Its intelligent contrast enhancement boosts dynamic range — measured as the contrast between the lightest and darkest points of an image — to provide wider contrast levels. The higher the dynamic range of an image, the more realistic it looks. Tru2Life technology also provides intelligent sharpness enhancement to bring out even the smallest details in an image.
Intelligent contrast and sharpness optimization
Intelligent contrast
Intelligent contrast enhancement analyzes and optimizes each pixel in an image before it is reproduced, rendering more detail in the highlights and shadows to reveal the true beauty in your pictures.
  200 % Wider Contrast Levels
WITH Tru2Life
Sharpness optimization
Dramatically-enhanced detail for sharper, more lifelike images.
WITH Tru2Life
Outdoor readable
ASUS ZenPad 8.0 uses its ambient sensor together with Tru2Life technology to adjust the brightness and overall look of the display to fit different lighting conditions, providing a clearer and more vivid outdoor viewing experience in bright sunlight.
ASUS TruVivid Brings Color to
Life with Brilliant Clarity
ASUS ZenPad 8.0 incorporates TruVivid technology to improve screen clarity, brightness, and touch responsiveness. This technology transforms the conventional four-layer display design—composed of cover glass, touch panel, air gap, and LCD module—into a two-layer, full lamination design, eliminating the air gap and combining the cover glass and touch panel layers. This offers higher optical transparency (>94%) than conventional display, resulting in brilliant color clarity and brightness.
ASUS Bluelight Filter
ASUS Bluelight Filter helps reduce eye fatigue and provide a comfortable viewing experience by minimizing blue light emission from the screen without affecting other colors.
Vivid, wide-angle viewing experience
With its HD IPS display that has a wide 178-degree viewing angle, accurate color reproduction, and improved color clarity and brightness, ASUS ZenPad 8.0 provides a fantastic picture for immersive entertainment experiences and general daily use.
ASUS Splendid
Rich, vibrant color
ASUS ZenPad 8.0 comes with ASUS Splendid technology to let you adjust image color, brightness, contrast, and sharpness for your own optimized viewing experience.