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    Stunningly Light, Powerfully Beautiful
    The thinnest 19mm notebook with an Intel® standard voltage CPU

    • Thinnest notebook with a 2nd generation Intel® Core™ standard voltage i3/i5/i7 CPU
    • Weighs 1.44Kg with 4-cell battery /1.66Kg with 8-cell battery, with up to 10 hours of battery life
    • NVIDIA® GeForce® GT 520 accelerates graphics
    • Lightweight AL-MG alloy LCD cover for a refined yet rugged look
    • Nanometer coating: soft silky palm rests resist fingerprints and are easy to clean

      In the past, having a notebook that was thin and lightweight meant sacrificing performance – but not anymore. The new ASUS U36 ultraportable strikes a balance between lightweight and powerful computing, beautifully crafted with an AL-MG alloy lid and a svelte 19mm profile. It weighs less than 1.44kg and yet ships with an Intel® standard voltage CPU, not an ultra low voltage processor. NVIDIA® GeForce® GT 520M graphics with 1GB video memory and over ten hours of battery life thanks to ASUS Super Hybrid Engine all culminate in a notebook that blends power and elegance in a highly compact package.

      Stylish artistry

      19mm ultra-thin

      The world’s first ultra-slim and light notebook with an Intel® standard voltage CPU

      The U36’s astonishingly sleek 19mm ultra-thin and light design fits more technology into a compact form factor that’s easy to carry and use. This combination of power and a slim design has been achieved through exclusive ASUS thermal design and smart engineering, as well as advanced material research.

      Magnesium-aluminum alloy cover

      Highly durable, sturdier than conventional plastics, yet remains very lightweight

      The highly durable magnesium-aluminum alloy cover handles the rigors of being transported around all day, and looks refined and distinguished. This build is several times sturdier than conventional plastics, yet remains very lightweight. The black magnesium alloy enclosure is also aesthetically attractive, conveying a sophisticated feel.

      Nano-coated surfaces

      Repel water and dust while resisting fingerprints

      The easy to clean silky nanometer coating, which repels water and dust, helps keep the notebook stay clean, also resisting fingerprints and dirt.

      Fiberglass reinforced underside

      200% stronger than normal plastic (PC-ABS)

      The U36’s underside is made of fiberglass re-enforced plastic, which is 200% stronger than normal plastic (PC-ABS). This chassis makes the U36 notebook extremely robust and reliable.

      iF Award-winning ergonomic seamless chiclet keyboard

      Anti-dust design, with precision typing and improved comfort

      Large keys and sturdy buttons make it easy for users to type accurately and comfortably, while the anti-dust seamless design also prevents the accumulation of dust that may cause harm to internal components.

      Ultimate Performance

      Advanced hardware for better computing and graphics

      Powerful 2nd generation Intel® Core™ processors and NVIDIA® GeForce® GPUs

      Intel® standard voltage Core™ i5 and i7 CPUs easily handle more intense multitasking, higher definition and smoother multimedia, plus faster productivity, resulting in a portable PC users can rely on in any application. The discrete GeForce® GT 520M graphics with 1GB video GPU boosts visual output with native DirectX® 11 compatibility for the latest in graphics, so that everything from HD movies to high-end PC games runs smoothly and in great detail.

      All-day mobile computing

      Up to ten hours of battery life with ASUS Super Hybrid Engine

      Thanks to ASUS Super Hybrid Engine technology, NVIDIA® Optimus™, and an 8-cell high capacity Li-ion battery pack, battery life can be extended for true all-day mobile computing. ASUS Super Hybrid Engine and Power4Gear technologies save battery life by reducing notebook power consumption based on usage. NVIDIA® Optimus™ technology automatically switches between Intel® integrated graphics and NVIDIA’s own GPU to optimize the system for intensive graphics processing or low power consumption modes. No manual settings needed, and users can watch HD movies, go online or play new games with complete confidence in the battery life of the U36.

      USB 3.0

      Ten times faster data transfers

      USB 3.0 provides a bandwidth of 5Gbps, or up to ten times that of current USB 2.0. This allows for faster transfer of HD content like movies. Devices even recharge faster with 900mA charging, while USB 3.0 incorporates environmentally-friendly measures to save energy – it puts devices in idle or shuts them down when not in use.

      Ease of use features

      ASUS IceCool Technology

      Keeps palm rests and typing surfaces cooler

      Stressing a computer in terms of performance causes heat generation and cooling issues. With the U36, ASUS engineers have created a unique thermal architecture, deploying powerful heat dissipation, venting and chilled palm rests. Using dual lightweight heat pipes and an efficiently-designed layout, heat is transferred away from the palm rests for a more comfortable user experience even in long sessions.

      Multi-gesture touchpad

      Scroll, rotate, zoom in/out, all at your fingertips

      Easy and accurate input without a mouse includes two-fingertip web page scrolling and images zoom/rotate, This makes presentations and other complex input operations much easier and more intuitive, and normal desktop use, from online shopping to photo viewing, increasingly hands on and fun.

      ASUS SmartLogon

      Easier logons through facial recognition

      ASUS SmartLogon software allows secure logins to Windows® with digital face recognition, a safer and convenient alternative to passwords. The technology works in different light conditions, and even when users are wearing headgear. Accounts can be quickly created with a custom photo and password and easy one-scan authorization.