TUF Gaming M4 Air

Um mouse gaming leve com fio e com sensor de 16.000 dpi, seis botões programáveis, Air Shell ultraleve, resistência à água IPX6, ASUS Antibacterial Guard, TUF Gaming Paracord e pés de PTFE puro
  • Sensor óptico de nível gaming com 16.000 dpi para rastreamento com precisão de pixels, além de botão DPI para ajuste de sensibilidade em quatro níveis
  • Design Air Shell durável e ultraleve de 47 gramas
  • O revestimento protetor repelente de água IPX6 no conjunto da placa de circuito impresso (PCBA) protege contra derramamentos acidentais e umidade
  • O ASUS Antibacterial Guard inibe o crescimento bacteriano para manter a superfície e os botões do mouse limpos e higiênicos
  • TUF Gaming Paracord flexível minimiza os problemas para uma experiência sem fio
  • Pés 100% PTFE puro de baixa fricção garantem um deslizamento rápido e suave
  • 6 botões táteis e programáveis e 3 perfis de memória integrados permitem a personalização
  • O software exclusivo Armory Crate permite uma configuração fácil e intuitiva
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TUF Gaming M4 Air
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The ultralight TUF Gaming M4 Air wired gaming mouse features a gaming-grade 16,000 dpi optical sensor to give you pixel-precise tracking. And with six tactile programmable buttons and three onboard memory profiles, you can tailor it to suit your play style. The M4 Air takes your game to new heights. Weighing only 47 grams while maintaining a durable, solid construction, it features a flexible TUF Gaming Paracord and 100% PTFE mouse feet that reduce friction to ensure a swift and smooth glide. In addition, ASUS Antibacterial Guard protection inhibits bacterial growth to keep surfaces sanitary.

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Ultralight Air
Shell Design

The ASUS R&D team created an ultralight Air Shell design comprising of a hollow pyramidal frame to the keep the weight of the TUF Gaming M4 Air down to a mere 47 grams while maintaining durability and structural integrity.


Smartly engineered for weight reduction and freedom of movement, TUF Gaming M4 Air features a TUF Gaming Paracord made of soft, lightweight and flexible fiber to minimize snags, and its 100% PTFE mouse feet ensure an effortless glide.

Protective IPX6 Water Resistance

The printed circuit board assembly (PCBA) of the TUF Gaming M4 Air is treated with an IPX6 water-repellent protective coating to guard against accidental spills and sweaty palms.

Note: In the event of accidental spills or moisture in the mouse, we recommend to switch it off and leave it for 24 hours to dry.

Ultimate Accuracy

Every strike is critical. At the heart of the TUF Gaming M4 Air is a specially tuned optical sensor for unerring accuracy and precision to help you take down the competition.

16,000 DPI


400 IPS


40 G


ASUS Antibacterial Guard

To keep your TUF Gaming M4 Air hygienic, its surfaces and side buttons are protected by the new ASUS Antibacterial Guard ionic silver treatment. Positively-charged silver (Ag+) ions bind with the cell walls of negatively-charged microbes and bacteria, disrupting their internal functions and preventing further growth. Antibacterial Guard has been scientifically shown to inhibit the growth of bacteria by more than 99%* over a 24-hour period, keeping the surfaces of your mouse clean and sanitary, potentially reducing the spread of harmful bacteria.

*Subjected to ISO 22196 Antimicrobial Activity and Efficacy tests conducted by the Taiwan Testing Center SGS

Learn more about ASUS BacGuard (PDF file)

Six Tactile & Programmable Buttons

The TUF Gaming M4 Air features six tactile and programmable buttons, allowing you to tailor controls to suit your style of play. The left and right buttons are separated from the top cover, resulting in lower actuation force and travel distance for faster and more tactile clicks.
A DPI switch lets you adjust sensitivity on the fly, while two strategically placed left-side buttons and a clickable scroll wheel offer additional control options.

Armoury Crate

Armoury Crate software offers extensive controls and an intuitive UI that lets you tune the TUF Gaming M4 Air to suit the way you play. Create profiles, map buttons, adjust performance settings, and more.

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