About the ASUS ProArtist Awards

Over the years ASUS has worked extensively with designers and artists worldwide to gather important insights, engage with the creator community, and, most importantly, to give back to the creator community. We reflect what we believe in by providing thoughtfully-designed creator hardware and excellent service. That’s also the reason why we host the ASUS ProArtist Awards, an annual free-to-enter, global creative competition. We hope this competition can be a global platform for creators to unleash their creativity, and to be seen and recognized worldwide.

About ASUS and ASUS ProArtist Awards

About ASUS
Mission and Vision

ASUS is passionate about technology and driven by innovation. We dream, we dare and we strive to create an effortless and joyful digital life for everyone. We’re always in search of incredible experiences, and we're also committed to create a sustainable future in everything we do. We have adopted a sustainability strategy that ensures every decision-making process incorporates environmental and social factors, to help keep our competitive advantages focused on sustainability.

About ProArt

ProArt is a sub-brand established to meet the needs of professional creatives in all industries. ASUS incorporates innovative designs and cutting-edge technologies into every ProArt product, not only to create unparalleled aesthetics, but also to provide powerful performance and an excellent user experience.

Pro is a stable, professional platform that is the bedrock of creativity. We remove every barrier for creative experts, and employ cutting-edge technology in the pursuit of truly inspirational performance.

Art is created when you push yourself to the limit. Art has endless possibilities: every idea, every inspiration, every imagining is the potential seed of a breakthrough masterpiece. Dream the impossible, and create the unimagined.

ProArt is the fusion of Pro and Art, created by creators, for creators. It's the comprehensive professional force that will kindle your creative flame, capture the sparks of your inspiration, and let you create the uncreated in unexplored worlds.

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