ASUS GPU Tweak III key visual
ASUS GPU Tweak III key visual


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Thanks to enthusiast feedback, GPU Tweak III now features a revamped interface that puts core functions at the forefront, and the VF Tuner has been overhauled to make manual overclocking much easier. Meanwhile, exclusive features like 0dB fan technology are now enhanced by automatic profile swapping and logging of monitoring sessions. What’s more? Now you can monitor more system stats with the plugin and customize GT3 with your choice of interface background and color.

Version: V1.7.7.0
Released:  2024-4-26
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Overclocking beginners can boost performance by using the preset profiles, tuning sliders, or the OC Scanner.
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The Voltage-Frequency Tuner is the tool of choice for overclocking veterans, and this tutorial goes through a regular use case.
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Using slowly ramping curves as examples, this video shows the main fan tuning functions in GPU Tweak III.
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The Profile Connect function lets GPU Tweak III auto-swap profiles, and this video shows how to set it up.
Maximize your GPU's power with GPU Tweak III, ASUS's premier overclocking software —  now with more exclusive features.
Learn how to overclock your graphics card safely using ASUS GPU Tweak III. Here are the essential steps, tools, and tips you need for maximum performance.
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La pantalla de inicio alberga una amplia gama de soluciones para optimizar la eficiencia y el rendimiento de la tarjeta gráfica. El más completo de estos es el OC Scanner, que automatiza completamente el proceso de overclocking para las tarjetas gráficas Nvidia. Para los usuarios que desean una experiencia plug-and-play, los perfiles preestablecidos se alinean en la parte superior de la pantalla de inicio para aumentar instantáneamente la frecuencia o reducir el ruido. Se pueden realizar ajustes adicionales utilizando el completo panel de controles deslizantes para controlar la configuración de energía, los relojes y los ventiladores.




ASUS GPU Tweak III overclock OC mode interface This preset increases the power target to allow the GPU to reach higher boost frequencies. Depending on the architecture, a boost clock offset may be added in order to further increase performance.


Para permitir que los usuarios experimentados profundicen en el rendimiento de su tarjeta a nivel de driver, el sintonizador de frecuencia de voltaje ofrece una gestión discreta de la curva de impulso de la GPU. La interfaz se hizo para ser versátil, permitiendo a los usuarios múltiples métodos de entrada, ya sea a través de comandos de teclado enumerados convenientemente o funciones de barra de herramientas integradas.

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Profile Connect permite guardar la configuración y vincularla a aplicaciones específicas. La configuración de overclock, las curvas de ventilador e incluso la configuración OSD personalizada se pueden guardar y cargar automáticamente cada vez que se ejecuta una aplicación.

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Armoury Crate

Armory Crate te permite personalizar fácilmente la iluminación y los efectos para su tarjeta gráfica y otros productos ASUS para controles RGB unificados. Sincronice su iluminación con la música, la acción del juego o las temperaturas de la CPU/GPU, o haga todo lo posible con efectos detallados de varias capas que son posibles a través de Aura Creator.
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Se puede mostrar un perfil de hardware detallado de la tarjeta gráfica instalada en el panel TechPowerUp GPU-Z integrado. Consulte las especificaciones de la GPU, los umbrales de reloj predeterminados y mejorados, la información del controlador, las tecnologías informáticas y más.
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ROG FurMark

FurMark ROG Edition es una versión muy renovada de la popular herramienta FurMark. Cuenta con modernas pruebas de esfuerzo y escáneres de artefactos basados en OpenGL y Vulkan. Úsalo para probar la estabilidad de la GPU y el rendimiento térmico.
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QuantumCloud es un servicio simple y seguro que le permite ganar dinero extra sin esfuerzo al poner a trabajar tu GPU inactiva. Las ganancias se transfieren automáticamente a tu cuenta de WeChat o PayPal, y tu privacidad permanece intacta porque QuantumCloud no recopila tus datos personales.
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Latest Release: 2024-04-26


Latest Release: 2022-06-28
Ultima versión v1.7.7.0

Resolved an interface behavior issue when changing the display resolution in Windows, and fixed an OSD error message related to the xemu emulator. 


From version v1.7.6.1, bug fix includes resolving the crash issue when clicking the Save or Default button after making changes in the Settings menu. 


From version V1.7.5.5 and onwards, the software now supports the RTX 40 SUPER series. It also introduces Plug-in functionality with HWMonitor support, a new toggle option for Monitor logs, and improved OSD timing in games/software. Installation of GT3 now allows users to choose Mobile function installation. Bug fixes include resolving fan control issues for AMD series graphics cards and fixing profile connection failures. The 'Apply previous setting' feature is now selected by default.


Version introduces various bug fixes, including UI display issues with the 0dB fan and Fan Mode, fan startup problems on computer boot, blue screen occurrences on specific M.2 hard drive platforms, and temperature reading issues on certain motherboards. Additionally, Mobile Monitor now features enhanced IP address filtering for improved functionality.


The latest version of GPU Tweak III brings improved Mobile Monitor compatibility, fixed external fan control issues, and enhanced user experience with language support and preventive popups for Matrix model users.


The latest release of GPU Tweak III adds the Mobile Monitor feature, a new skin and user interface improvements.



The latest release of GPU Tweak III support for a flagship ROG graphics card, a new skin and user interface improvements.


The latest edition of GPU Tweak III includes improvements for the voltage-frequency curve and Nvidia water cooling cards, updates to address minor visual bugs, a fix to correct a conflict with Armoury Crate, and new features for the on-screen display (OSD).


The latest version of GPU Tweak 3 contains a variety of updates, including fixes for fan behavior, profile settings and the functionality of the on-screen display (OSD).  

In the meantime, we have received feedback from some users regarding the previous version, which had the potential to cause loss of profile files upon installation. Upon identifying this issue, we deeply apologize for any inconvenience caused as a result of this issue and immediately embarked on a proactive investigation to determine its root cause and implement appropriate measures. 

We have already resolved the problem that might cause loss of profile files upon installation. And we have uploaded the new version.
However, if you are already affected, we recommend using the "Clean install" functionality and creating a new profile file.


AMD Radeon RX 7900 XT and XTX graphics cards and NVIDIA® GeForce RTX® 4070Ti are now fully supported, and we've brought a slew of improvements to frame rate and temperature data reporting.


This version of GPU Tweak III can now detect Steam and Epic Games Store games even when they are downloaded to custom locations, and the Monitor section now includes a frame time graph. There are also a number of fixes for the OSD, app behavior and appearance, and the repair of a memory leak that some users may have encountered.


With this latest version, GPU Tweak III is now fully compatible with the Java version of Minecraft. It also arrives with a commonly requested fix for external fan curve controls, plus improvements to the behavior of OC Scan and a few tweaks for the display of system information.


After a long and productive beta, this is the official launch version of GPU Tweak III! With this release comes multi-language support, helpful tooltips, FPS metrics in the Monitor, and tons of quality-of-life improvements.

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