ASUS 18W Adapter & USB-C Cable

Quick charging your device with ASUS USB-C™ Cable
  • ASUS BoostMaster Schnellladefunktion mit 18W/2A Leistungsabgabe über USB-C™
  • Genießen Sie reibungslose USB 2.0-Datenverbindungen
  • Praktische 0,9 m lang und auf Haltbarkeit und Sicherheit geprüft.
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The lightweight ASUS 18W Adapter with USB-C™ Cable lets you recharge your modern mobile devices wherever you are in the world. It delivers the correct voltage for your devices, and there's a built-in fast-charge function for your phones.

Torture-tested for toughness, durability and safety, the ASUS 18W Adapter with USB-C™ Cable is built to survive the rigors of everyday use.

Over temperature protection Over-voltage protection Over-current protection Short circuit protection Power saving

*Each package provides one type of adapter and one cable

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