[LCD Monitor] ASUS DisplayWidget Center

ASUS DisplayWidget Center is a custom-built app for ASUS monitors that allows you to control monitor settings such as brightness, contrast, and color temperature, all with just a few clicks of your mouse.


How to confirm the supported models? You can check the product specifications on ASUS official website.。ASUS official website.
(Example:ROG Swift OLED PG27AQDM)

Requirement System: Windows 10 64bit/ Windows 11 64bit

A. Download ASUS Display Widget Center
B. Install ASUS DisplayWidget Center
C. ASUS DisplayWidget Center Function Description
 1. GameVisual
 2. Game Plus
 3. OLED protection program setting
 4. System Settings
 5. App settings
D. Q&A


A.Download ASUS DisplayWidget Center
1. Download the latest Utility corresponding to your monitor model from ASUS
 Download Center. Enter the model (Ex, PG27AQDM) -> Click Driver and Utility.


2. Click Drivers &Utilities -> Select Operating System


3. Select your system OS* and Find ASUS DisplayWidget Center and click to download. 

B.Install ASUS DisplayWidget Center
1. Unzip DisplayWidgetCenter _1.0.0.5.
2. Double click setup to start the installation.

3. Choose Next.

4. Read the license terms and select [I Agree] and Click Next.

5. After the installation is complete, click Close.

6. Double-click the ASUS DisplayWidgetCenter icon on the desktop to start the software.

C.ASUS DisplayWidget Center Function Description.
1. Open ASUS DisplayWidget Center, as below picture.
-- Configure monitor device. to start using the function.

2. Function Description

**If you want to use GameVisual situational function mode, please turn off HDR first.

(1). Select your favorite mode.
- RTS/RPG mode: a mode suitable for playing real-time strategy games (RTS)/role-playing games (RPG).
- FPS mode: a mode suitable for enjoying first-person shooter games.
- Movie mode: a mode suitable for watching movies.
- Scenery mode: a mode suitable for displaying Scenery photos.
- Racing mode: a mode suitable for enjoying racing video games.
- sRGB mode: a mode suitable for viewing photos and pictures on a computer.
- MOBA mode: Multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game mode. 
- User Mode: More items are adjustable in the Color menu.

(2).You can manually adjust the detailed settings of each mode, such as: brightness, contrast, saturation, blue light filter and shadow acceleration, etc.


(1). Select the desired GamePlus mode.
(2). Select the desired crosshair style and adjust crosshair position.


(1). Select the desired GamePlus mode.
(2). Select the desired timer style and adjust timer position.


FPS Counter:
Select the desired GamePlus mode.
(1/2). Select the desired FPS Counter style and adjust FPS Counter position.


Display Alignment: 
Select the desired GamePlus mode.
(1/2). Select the desired Display Alignment style and adjust Display Alignment position.


OLED Setup:
Adjust OLED setup item.

*(This function is only supported on OLED models, please refer to ASUS official website models for the relevant Model List)


System Settings :
-Hotkey for Windows HDR function.
-Hotkey for Windows task-bar function.
-Hotkey for Windows background color theme.
-Display device’s power setting.


Application Settings :
1. App version update checker->Select the desired mode to remind.
2. Select the language you need.
3. Select your favorite App theme.
4. Record your system data when the usage errors they occur.


D. Q&A:
Q1. When the GameVisual function cannot be used?
A1 Can turn off HDR in the system settings, the setting steps are as shown in the figure below.


Q2. HDR function and related hardware and software requirements information can refer to the following link.
A2, [LCD Monitor] How to enable Windows HDR function.


Q3. What should I do when DisplayWidget Center cannot automatically update the version?
A3, Please "run this program as administrator" so that there will be no problem in auto update / app update.

Q4. How to remove ASUS DisplayWidget Center?
A4, Right-click the Windows Start button, select the installed apps, [ASUS DisplayWidget Center] and click [Uninstall].