ASUS S5 Mini Tower

Create. Produce. Play.

An ASUS S501MER is placed on a wooden table, with a monitor placed on its left-hand side.


Powerful performance, whatever the task

An ASUS S501MER is shown next to three adjacent displays that are powered by the computer.
Windows 11 Home
14th Gen
Intel® CPU
Up to
64 GB
Up to
2 TB + 2 TB


Professional-grade graphics

An ASUS S501MER shown next to a monitor.
Realize your full potential with Intel UHD Graphics
An ASUS S501MER shown next to a monitor.
Elevate your craft with NVIDIA graphics


Dual drives for fast, high-capacity storage

A man editing and color grading video through looking at the monitors that are power by an ASUS S501MER on his right-hand side.
Up to
2 TB + 2 TB
PCIe® x4 SSD + HDD

Video Conference

Next-level AI noise-canceling audio technology

A man is learning lesson through looking at monitors that are powered by an ASUS S501MER on his right-hand side.


Fast and fluid

A man is playing video game through the monitor that is powered by an ASUS S501MER on his left-hand side.
Up to
GeForce® RTX 4060TI
NVIDIA® graphics


The PC that’s part of your décor

A front view of the ASUS S501MER is shown against a geometric backdrop.
Side view of an ASUS S501MER with cold air flowing from the side into the fan and air chamber while waste heat flowing out, exiting from the back of the chassis.
Less heat, more productivity
An ASUS motherboard in black and a CPU highlighted in orange overlay in the center.
World’s #1 motherboards1
Bar chart comparing the power usage between 80 PLUS and 80 PLUS Bronze-certified devices.
The power wasted by an 80 PLUS Bronze-certified device is 15% of its total power consumption, and this is 5% lower than standard 80 PLUS-certified device.
Power up everything
Nine gold-colored solid capacitors in two runs, running diagonally from the bottom left to top-right corner.
Industry-leading MTBF


Comprehensive, hassle-free connections

The front and rear of ASUS S501MER is shown, with all the ports and connections labelled. From top to bottom, left to right. On the back side, there are PS/2 Mouse port, PS/2 Keyboard port, Display port, HDMI port, VGA port, 2 USB 3.1 Gen1 port, LAN (PJ-45) port, 2 USB 2.0 port, Microphone port, Line out port, Line in port, Parallel port, Serial port. On the front side, there are Optical disk driver bay, Microphone port, Headphone port, 2 USB2.0 port, an 3 USB 3.2 Gen1 portsplus USB Type-C.


Built for the long term

  1. ASUS secured the #1 spot for motherboard market share as of 2017, with DigiTimes reporting that the Taiwanese PC component giant owns 45% of the motherboard market.
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