ASUS recommends Windows 10 Pro.

    ROG CG8580

    ROG CG8580

    The upgraded and battle ready rig attains gaming domination with supremacy

    • Exclusive quad-core boosting on 3rd gen Intel®CPU to 4.6 GHz instantly with Turbo Gear
    • 35X cleaner audio with Xonar DX
    • 4-display on single GTX 680
    • Dual 128GB SATA3 SSD with RAID 0
    • 32GB free ASUS Webstorage for 3 years, for Windows 8 models
    Incredible in Sound

    Upgraded and Battle Ready

    Attain gaming domination with ROG TYTAN CG8580 Desktop PC, powered by the Intel® Core i7-3770K and Genuine Windows® 7 Home Premium. Always stay ahead through exclusive quad-core CPU boosting and twin 128 GB SATA 3 SSD with RAID 0 for 4X faster data access speed than HDD. Put yourself in the action with immersive and seamless HD visual and audio powered by GTX 680 graphics card with 2GB GDDR5 and ASUS Xanor DX audio card.

    The 3rd Generation Intel® Core™ Processors

    CG8270 features Intel® Turbo Boost Technology 2.0 enabling processor cores to run faster than the base operating frequency. With Intel® Quick Sync Video Technology, creating , editing, convering and uploading your videos become easy and quick. In addition, LucidLogix Virtu MVP accelerates graphics performance by up to 60% and triples video conversion speeds.

    ASUS desktops – leading in satisfaction with reliability

    ASUS computers reflect a tradition of the finest quality, innovation and longevity. Based on the PCWorld USA 2012 reader survey of tech satisfaction, reliability, and service, users ranked ASUS as a leading choice for desktop PCs, citing high satisfaction with their value, connectivity, ease of use and reliability. The survey also found ASUS desktop PCs were one of the most likely to be recommended to others.
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    Dominating Power

    Instant Quad-core OC with Turbo Gear

     Quad-core  Quad-core ROG CG8580 feautures the improved 3rd Generation 22nm Intel® Ivy-Bridge with Intel® Core i7-3770K enables CPU to crank up to maximum stable speed at 4.6Ghz and also provides high definition graphics with DirectX 11, and Intel® Quick Sync Video Technology. No matter what you demand is as a heavy gamer, the CG8580 is capable and can do it fast. Experience the smooth graphic performance and high-quality playback experience provided by CG8580.

     Quad-coreAlways stay ahead through exclusive quad-core CPU boosting and the Turbo Gear instantly cranking CPU speed at any time, without rebooting.

    Dual 128GB SATA3 SSD with RAID 0

     SATA3 SSD with RAID 0 Twin 128 GB SATA 3 SSD with RAID 0 gives users four times greater data access speeds than generic HDDs.

    4-display on single GPU

     GPU A NVIDIA® GeForce GTX680 graphics card provides unprecedented 4-display capabilities with 3D Vision Surround plus one extra display. The CG8580 also features 2GB GDDR5 video memory, GPU Boost which maximizes clock speed, and Adaptive Vertical Sync for optimized frame rates for true-to-life images at 2560 x 1600 resolutions.

    35X cleaner audio with Xonar DX

    XonarASUS Xonar DX audio card powered by Dolby Home Theater technologies delivers up to 35 times cleaner audio quality (116dB SNR) then on board codec. Enables you to hear loud and clear and hear the enemy before you see them.


    Ultimate Reliability

    ASUS desktops –Leading in overall satisfaction with reliability

    ASUS desktops reflect a tradition of the finest product quality, innovation, and longevity. Based on PCWorld USA's 2011 Reliability and Service Survey, users ranked ASUS as the leading choice for Windows® desktops, citing high satisfaction due to reliability, value, and quiet operation. ASUS desktops received further praise for performance, design, and connectivity.
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    5-way Venting & Liquid cooling

    The iF and Reddot award-winning gaming chassis with 5-way vent and liquid cooling system offers efficient and silent heat dissipation — perfect for marathon gaming sessions. It is engineered by ASUS’ ID, mechanical and thermal innovations to empower the utmost stability under megatasking.


    Digi+VRM accurately matches multiple digital signals without any power transfer loss, ensureing exceptional CPU overclocking performance and control.

    Commanding Pleasure

    Seriously Gaming Keyboard

    The black switch on ROG Keyboard are of the toughest quality which provides faster registered key presses and helps increase users’ actions per minute.

    Its strict tolerance levels to fast finger flicking and furious slams builds the sturdy usage experience.

    The ROG Keyboard offers a lifecycle of 50 million key presses per key.

    Heavyweight Gaming Mouse with Custom-built Gamer UI

    ROG gaming mouse features 4000 dpi laser sensor with high precision tracking speed.

    Custom-built gamer UI, Customizable DPI and button functions, and adjustable mouse weight, which optimizes your gaming demand with convenience.


    Stealth submarine
    Stealth submarine design with DEFCON Indicator

    The ROG TYTAN is inspired by ballistic missile submarines, crafted for inside-out gaming top gear. Equipped with the DEFCON indicator showing the system readiness with blue and red LED lights.