Complimentary Antivirus Protection Activation Key Redemption (PC)
Complimentary Antivirus Protection Activation Key Redemption (PC)
Designated models
Blue Cave, RT-AC66U B1, Lyra Trio, RT-AC1750 B1, AiMesh AC1900 WiFi System (RT-AC67U 2-Pack), AiMesh AC1750 WiFi System (RT-AC66U B1 2 Pack)

Redeem two activation keys for your Windows PCs on this site. If you want to redeem the activation keys for mobile devices, please check this site. Click below button and redeem the activation keys.

Event time :
2018/01/01 00:00 ~ 2019/12/31 23:59


Follow below steps to have your PCs protected:


1. Redeem the activation keys by clicking the “Registration” button above. You will need to enter the serial number (SN) of your router to finish the process. Find it on the bottom of your router.                               



2. When the process is finished, you will receive an email from ASUS with two activation keys that can enable Trend Micro Antivirus+ Security on two Windows PCs.



3. Download Trend Micro Antivirus+ Security installer here


4. Initiate the installer and enter one of the activation keys in the email you received when the installer asks for serial number.



5. Finish the rest of the installation process.


6. Repeat the process from step 3-5 again on another computer with the other activation key.




Terms and Conditions:
  • Participation in this promotion is deemed acceptance of these Terms and Conditions. ASUS may at any time revise the Terms and Conditions and other rules set forth by ASUS.