Terms & Conditions

This promotion – Your Voice Matters (“Promotion”) is hosted by ASUSTek Computer Inc. (“ASUS”) 


  1. Detailed information with respect to how to join and earn prizes in connection with this specific Promotion, ASUS Terms of Use Notice, and ASUS Privacy Policy, constitutes part of this Promotion Event Terms and Conditions ("Terms and Conditions"). Participation in this Promotion is deemed acceptance of these Terms and Conditions. ASUS may at any time revise the Terms and Conditions and other rules set forth by ASUS. Eligible Entrant (as defined below) shall be bound by any such revisions. 

  1. The Promotion commences on 3 March 2023 and terminates on 31 January 2024 ("Promotion Period") and hosts worldwide (“Promotion Territory”). 

  1. Employees of ASUS and its parent companies, affiliates, subsidiaries, advertising representatives and agencies, who are involved in the Promotion, and the immediate families of any of the foregoing persons are NOT ELIGIBLE for this Promotion. 

  1. People who live in Promotion Territory and would like to participate in this Promotion during the Promotion Period acknowledge as follows: 

  1. Eligible Entrant (as defined below) shall be at least 18 years old and considered an adult by the laws of the country where you reside in. Publish a product review for one of the eligible ASUS products on the selected platforms (“Participating Platforms”). The review date must be within the ‘Promotion Period'. The criteria of a qualifying review are based on section 4.D of Terms and Conditions. Valid reviews are counted using the review date submitted on the ASUS Participating Platforms. ASUS reserves the right to check the validity of any entry and the identity of any entrant and to refuse entry or refuse the giving of any prize at its sole discretion. 

  1. You ("Eligible Entrant") must register and/or login with your ASUS Member account on this Promotion siteto be eligible to participate in the Promotion. 

  1. The product that enters the Promotion must be purchased from a local ASUS authorized physical or online stores/partners. The invoice date must be within January 1, 2022 to December  31, 2023 only,  before the date you submit your review. 

  1. You can enter the Promotion to earn the rewards after ASUS verifies your submission. All the entries must be in English and or Filipino and the product featured in a content item must be owned by you. Each product serial number is valid for two (2) entries of reviews in different platforms only, and each Eligible Entrant is permitted a maximum of 1 review per platform. 

  • Entry: Leave a review for any ASUS productivity and creator laptops or ASUS wireless mouse – MW203 and/or MD100 purchased from January 1, 2022 to December 31, 2023 on the Participating Platforms. The Eligible Entrants will get the reward after the approval of your review submission. The criteria of a valid review: 

  • A constructive review with minimum of 100 characters(letters). 

  • At least 1 photo or video. 

  • Tell us what you think about the feature(s) / function(s) / performance / aesthetic (s) of this product. 

  • To qualify, review must be made 7 days at least after the purchase. 

  1. ASUS reserves the right to verify any of the information provided by Eligible Entrant before awarding the reward. ASUS will not be held responsible for any lost or returned rewards where it has made reasonable efforts to ascertain the correct postal address and or email address of the Eligible Entrant. 

  1. Each submission will take seven (5) to ten (10) working days to review. All digital codes and virtual vouchers will be sent to you with two weeks of the approval of your submission.  

  1. For more detailed information on the Rewards included in the Promotion, please refer to the Promotion site. 

  1. When you submit, upload, transmit, input, or provide the information including your images, videos, video links, posts, and/or submissions for this Promotion, you grant ASUS, its affiliates, and subsidiaries, a worldwide, non-exclusive, non-revocable, royalty-free, transferable, sub-licensable right to promote and distribute part or all of the information in any media formats with any manner, including without limitation to modify, reproduce, public broadcast, public transmission, adapt, distribute, publish, public release, or otherwise use of the information. 

  1. The Promotion is hosted in multiple jurisdictions and territories. In each Promotion territory, the entry, mechanism, review criteria and prizes will be various. The participant shall not enroll in multiple programs from other countries. If ASUS investigate any frauds, ASUS has the right to deny and refuse your entry in the future. 

  1. For any reviews/ articles/ ratings written about your using experience of ASUS products/ services on 3rd party platforms, you should disclose the cooperation relationship between you and ASUS in your reviews/ articles/ rating on such 3rd party platforms (for example, by stating “sponsored post by ASUS” or “promoted post by ASUS” in your reviews/ articles/ ratings). 

  1. If you have any questions regarding the Promotion, please contact us at: asusphpromo2020@gmail.com 

  1. This Promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed, or administered by, or associated with the selected platforms (“Participating Platforms”). You agree to grant the selected platforms a complete release regarding this Promotion. You acknowledge that you are providing your comments and Personal Information to ASUS and not to the selected platforms, and such information and Personal Information will only be used for this Promotion – Your Voice Matters.