O!Play HDP-R1

    O!Play HDP-R1

    The Easiest Way to Enjoy HD Content in the Living Room

    - Hassle-free multimedia playback without file conversion
    - Stunning 1080p high definition visuals
    - Play and share your music with one click
    - High speed file transfer with eSATA and LAN

    Play, Unlimited!

    Enjoy more Internet media contents in the living room!

    The On-line Media feature allows you to browse over 5000 Internet TV channels, 20,000 Internet radio stations, Internet photo sharing sites, and weather updates directly streamed over the Internet to your O!Play.

    Click on the "Download" tab for new Firmware!

    Internet TV: ABC, BBC News, NBC, fox sports, NHK…100 stations
    Internet Radio: Over 20,000 stations
    Weather: You can search World Weather by geographical Region or country
    RSS: You can enjoy instant RSS information update
    Stock: Few steps to update the latest stock information

    Easy Steps to Setup & Enjoy-Easy to use with Plug-n-Play setup

    Full HD 1080p and Full Format Support (including RMVB)

    O!Play HDP-R1 takes the trend to bring new HD experience to viewers in the living room. Users do not have to worry about the compatibilities of file formats to the most formats of the video, music and picture. It also supports RMVB . O!Play HDP-R1 lets users enjoy the show without worrying about the file formats any more.

    Easy wired access to a world of A/V entertainment- No more difficult set-up process! Enjoying your PC file is so easy!

    Do you also think network setting is very complicated? Now, O!Play provides you the easiest way to share your file by network. You could also install “O!Link-Lite.” Apply it on your PC and choose the files you would like to share. Press the link, then you will see it on your TV directly! Users do not have to carry the physical storage from study room to living room. HD content stream from PC or NAS to the Media Player for easy file management.

    Music Shuffle and more at Your Finger Tips!

    O!Play is the 1st HD media player to provide music shuffle function with a dedicated button on the remote control. Just one touch from a distance, O!Play accesses all the music files on the storage and then start playing the music randomly. Press to group all your music files in your storage device and then play the music files randomly. You can connect to A/V receiver and play music without turning on TV or view photo slides with background music.

    Exclusive eSATA

    eSATA provides 6X faster than USB 2.0
    HD content bring the appealing images to the eyes but also require huge bandwidth to render the almost true image quality. eSATA simply helps to lift the bandwidth limits.

    O!Play keeps improving the product service and updating firmware!

    When you own O!Play, you can enjoy more product service continuously. New firmware will be released soon and let you enjoy more features and have fun!