ASUS VU279CFE Eye Care Gaming Monitor – 27 inch, FHD (1920 x 1080), IPS, 100 Hz, IPS, Adaptive-Sync, USB Type-C port with 15-watt Power Delivery, Green sustainability, DisplayWidget Center, Available in four colors, EyeCare Plus technology
  • 27" FHD IPS panel with 100Hz refresh rate for smooth video viewing and casual gameplay.
  • Extensive connectivity including USB-C® supports DP alt mode with 15-watt Power Delivery and HDMI® port
  • TÜV Rheinland-certified adjustable Blue Light Filter and ASUS Flicker Free technology ensure comfortable viewing
  • Green sustainability with paper packaging and energy-efficient performance that meets environmental standards
  • Choose from four color options, each with its own personality: Quiet Blue, Green Grey, Oat Milk, and Rose Clay
A photo showing the four color options available for the ASUS VU monitor A photo showing the four color options available for the ASUS VU monitor

See the World in Different Ways

All-new ASUS VU displays are the perfect choice for anyone who wants a great everyday monitor. They offer all the features and connectivity you need for a variety of tasks, from gaming and entertainment to productivity and creativity. Their stylish color options and built-in cable management will help you create a clean and tidy PC setup. And not only are they affordable, but they’re certified as sustainable tech — so they’re great for you, and kinder on our planet.

Image showing the four available colors for the VU monitor range
4 Colors*
Refresh Rate
Vibrant Color pattern Vibrant Color pattern
DisplayWidget Center Icon
DisplayWidget Center
USB Type-C Icon
ESG Icon
ESG Packaging
The product packaging can be reused as a smaller box and a foldable phone stand
Reusable Box
* Color options may vary by region.
Two VU monitors on a table
A rear view shot of a green VU monitor
A front view image of a VU monitor with the Oat Milk color scheme
A rear view shot of the VU monitor with the Rose Clay finish
Product Design

Stylish and Functional

Thoughtful design elements make ASUS VU monitors a great fit for any PC setup. The stand's long, thin legs hold the displays securely without taking up too much desktop space. VU monitors are practical, but they're also fun. Choose from four color options, each with its own personality: Quiet Blue, Green Grey, Oat Milk, and Rose Clay. With this array of colorful displays, you're sure to find an option that coordinates with the aesthetic of your full PC setup.

Four Standout Colors
Slim Design
A VU monitor showcasing vibrant visuals A VU monitor showcasing vibrant visuals

Vibrant Color and Wide Viewing Angles

ASUS VU monitors offer more than the standard features and benefits expected from an affordable, everyday monitor. Boasting a 27-inch FHD panel, these monitors are a perfect fit for most desks and can be connected to either a laptop or desktop. Equipped with an IPS panel, VU displays provide clear and colorful images — even when viewed from an off angle.

Full HD
Image showing the difference with Color Augmentation mode on and off

Smooth Scrolling and Better Gaming Experience

ASUS VU monitors offer a 100 Hz refresh rate and Adaptive-Sync technology, which ensure that content scrolls smoothly and seamlessly when browsing websites and playing games — boosting the viewing experience for everything you do.

Refresh Rate
Image showing the VU monitor’s HDMI and USB-C ports, as well as the headphone jack Image showing the VU monitor’s HDMI and USB-C ports, as well as the headphone jack
I/O Ports

Easy Connectivity

VU monitors a packed with ports for easy connectivity to a wide range of devices. In addition to the popular HDMI port for connecting to many modern devices, they’re equipped with USB Type-C port that supports DisplayPort Alt Mode and 15W USB Power Delivery. This gives you the freed to connect the devices you need, and keep stuff charged while you work or play.

with 15-watt
Power Delivery

Easy to Use

DisplayWidget Center UI

DisplayWidget Center

Easily adjust your monitor settings through this intuitive app, without having to touch the physical buttons on the monitor.


Screw-adjustable Height Design and Cable Management Clip

Enjoy a comfortable and clutter-free viewing experience. Choose from one of three height settings (in increments of 25 mm) for the ideal viewing position

Auto Brightness Adjustment

Automatically adjusts the brightness of the monitor to the ambient lighting in your environment, which reduces eye strain.

Protect Your Eyes

Eye Care Plus Technology

Color Augmentation

Easily distinguish onscreen colors

Image showing the difference with Color Augmentation mode on and off

Rest Reminder

Set pop-up reminders at five-minute intervals, notifying you when it’s time to take a break

Scenario photo showing the Rest Reminder feature

Blue Light Filter

Adjustable blue-light filter levels to suit your preference or any scenario

Image to show how the adjustable blue light filter works

Flicker Free

Integrated TÜV Rheinland-certified reduces onscreen flicker to ensure comfortable viewing

Image showing the difference with Flicker Free on and off

Environmental Certification*

Each monitor is stringently tested to meet the requirements of world-leading sustainability certifications. These tests are up-to-date with the latest certification criteria, are independently verified, and serve as a structured system to ensure the continuous improvement of ASUS products.  


Eco-friendly Packaging

ASUS monitors are shipped in packaging made from 100% recycled cardboard. The packaging has been designed to minimize weight and volume, helping to conserve natural resources and allowing more devices to be transported in a single shipping container.

Reusable Packaging

The cardboard box can be cut into a smaller box to pack small items on your desk, such as cables, adapters, or other accessories. It also includes a foldable phone stand. This is a great way to reduce waste, save money on packaging materials, and create added benefits.

  • Energy-Efficient Features

    Every ASUS VU display includes an energy saving mode.

  • Eco-friendly Materials

    ASUS invests heavily in extensive research and development to ensure that ASUS VU displays are made from latest eco-friendly materials, such as 85% post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastics and mercury-free panels.

*EPEAT registered where applicable. EPEAT registration varies by country. See for registration status by country.
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