Effortless IT management

Easy asset management, all in one place

ASUS offers versatile unified management platforms designed to meet specific needs in diverse scenarios. With these platforms, you gain the ability to remotely monitor and manage systems and facilities effortlessly, all from a centralized location.
Benefit of ASUS centralized management services_Streamlined infrastructure
Streamlined infrastructure
Migrate on-site workloads, including local apps and policies, to the cloud — optimizing resources.
Benefit of ASUS centralized management services_Enhanced productivity
Enhanced productivity
Empower employees for optimal performance with a digital workplace that fosters seamless collaboration.
Benefit of ASUS centralized management services_Flexible customization
Flexible customization
Can be tailored to include specific settings based on enterprise needs.
Benefit of ASUS centralized management services_Simplified repair process
Simplified repair process
Detect hardware issues pre-boot, diagnose problems and generate QR codes in BIOS for efficient RMA.

Boost IT productivity and efficiency

Realize remote and centralize IT management with ASUS in a more reliable, secured and streamlined way, while saving both IT efforts and cost.

ASUS Control Center

A centralized IT-management suite that offers IT staff a visible, controllable and manageable hardware and software inventory — with zero touch.
•    Automate software dispatch and scheduling processes
•    Remotely configure and troubleshoot software
•    Get insights via a visualized dashboard and intuitive interface
•    Ensure security by setting up software blocklist, device access control and monitor the health of hard disks

ASUS Cloud Recovery

This tool provides a rapid and secure method to reimage devices in a UEFI environment during the pre-boot stage when the OS is dysfunctional.
•    Accessible from anywhere with an internet connection
•    Enable faster recovery time in UEFI environment 
•    Restore devices to factory defaults with the latest OS from the ASUS cloud server, creating a more reliable and secure recovery environment

ASUS System Diagnostics

Enjoy early detection of potential issues for proactive maintenance, ensuring optimal device functionality and streamlining the repair and maintenance process for ASUS products.
•    Boot diagnostics from the BIOS to avoid operating system corruption or boot failures
•    Quick and early detection of hardware problems 
•    Auto-generated QR code for efficient RMA
•    Consolidation of ASUS technical services

ASUS AI Recovery

This all-in-one IT management solution is tailored for the education industry. It strengthens asset and endpoint management, and supervision, and speeds troubleshooting incidents to foster a unified learning environment.
•    Remotely monitor and control a wide range of devices
•    Easily deploy patches and deliver files across devices
•    Restore data from storage drives to minimize unexpected disruptions


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