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Warranty Replacement Options & Instructions for Server Products (EUROPE)

Utolsó frissítés : 2015/11/12



  1. Contact ASUS ARS Team via E-mail or phone for technical assistance & problem diagnostic of ASUS workstation motherboard, server barebone and server motherboard product: Server / Workstation Support Email: Server / Workstation Support Phone Line: +420-596-766-891
  2. If the problem is determined as hardware failure by ASUS, Customer may proceed to request Advance Replacement RMA Service.
  3. Fill out the online ARS Request Form: All required details including Product Information, System Configuration & Defective Part Information, Applicant & Shipping Information, Billing Information and Pick Up Information, must be filled in correctly. Incomplete, incorrect or illegible forms will delay processing. If you did not purchase directly from ASUS, please include either hardcopy or softcopy of Proof of Purchase along with ARS Request Form. ASUS ARS team will issue an RMA number after acknowledging the receipt of ARS request from Customer
  4. ASUS will ship the replacement the same working day if the request is made before 12 PM (noon) (GMT+1:00) for delivery next working day. In case there are delays in shipment we will let you know immediately.
  5. ASUS will arrange pick up the defective units for you with ASUS forwarder.
    ASUS ARS service is a FREE Freight service on both forward and reverse logistic


  1. ASUS Advance Replacement RMA Service (hereinafter the "ARS") will be applied to Europe except for Russia and Ukraine. For Server Products service in Russia and Ukraine please contact local hotline. Next working day delivery can be guaranteed in EU (European Union) countries only.
  2. ASUS ARS Call center working hours is Mon-Fri, 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM (GMT+1:00).
  3. ASUS ARS service will be applied for the below supported models only:
    • ASUS Server Barebones: only electronic parts and parts which might influence the system function & operating will be applicable to ARS: for instance fans, boards, cards & power supply units.
    • ASUS Server Motherboards: all Intel-based/Serverworks-based 533MHz FSB server motherboards or later models are applicable to ARS; earlier models will not be applicable for ARS.
    • ASUS Workstation Motherboards: all models manufactured since 11/2011 that ends with “WS” and later released models, are applicable to ARS; earlier models will not be applicable for ARS.
  4. The replacement product could be expected to be shipped out on the same working day of ARS request if the RMA number is issued before 12 PM (noon) based on product availability. If the RMA number is given after 12 PM (GMT+1:00), the replacement product shall be shipped out the next working day. Customer will be asked for billing information to secure the replacement. Based on the posting/receive date, Customer's account will only be billed for defective product(s) not received at ASUS site within 30 days.
  5. ARS functions on the working days ONLY. If Customer applies for ARS 1 day before weekend or national holiday, the shipment of the replacement part shall be postponed until next working day. 
  6. ARS guarantees same/next working day shipment under 3 units of the same model. For over 3 units, please contact ARS window for parts availability.
  7. Customer will be asked to place a given RMA number on the packing material of returned defective product. As ARS covers both ways transportation cost, please return any defective parts of ASUS server at the earliest possible occasion
  8. An unauthorized return, i.e. one for which an RMA number has not been issued, will be returned to the customer. Shipping cost of return will be charged to customer. Authorized returns are to be shipped to the address in the RMA.
  9. If Customer has not sent out the defective product after the 14th day or ASUS site has not received the defective product by the 30th day, Customer's account would be billed with the total costs of provided ARS service (replacement product price, shipping and handling costs) and ASUS ARS Team would not accept any return of defective product for that RMA. 
  10. ASUS ARS Team will examine if the defect is caused by man-made within 3 working days after the receipt of defective part from Customer. If CID (Customer-Induced Defect) is found after inspection, Customer will be informed via e-mail within 1 working day. Once Customer agrees with the inspection results proved by pictures, an extra service fee including repair, handling and shipping costs, will be billed to Customer. If CID is determined as irreparable, the price of replacement product shall be also charged.