ROG Strix Fusion 500

    ROG Strix Fusion 500

    ROG Strix Fusion 500 gaming headset with headset-to-headset RGB light synchronisation via mobile app control, hi-fi-grade ESS DAC and amplifier, and 7.1 virtual surround

    • Hi-fi-grade ESS ES9018 DAC and SABRE9601K amp deliver realistic, unparalleled gaming audio
    • Finely tuned ASUS Essence drivers and exclusive airtight chamber technology for an immersive audio experience
    • Exclusive plug-and-play virtual 7.1 surround sound developed with Bongiovi Acoustics
    • RGB light synchronisation across headsets via Bluetooth, using a dedicated mobile app
    • Headset touch controls for instant adjustments of volume, playback functions and RGB light synchronisation
    • Upgraded comfort and sound insulation with ROG Hybrid ear cushions
    • Optimised digital microphone delivers clear communication
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    Lights Up, Game On!

    ROG Strix Fusion 500 turns your gaming up a notch, with exclusive headset-to-headset RGB light synchronisation technology so your MOBA or esports team can crush the competition in perfect sync. ROG Strix Fusion 500 features a hi-fi ESS 9018 digital-to-analog converter and a 9601 amplifier for more realistic audio, as well as a 50mm ASUS Essence driver, exclusive airtight chamber technology and 7.1 virtual surround sound. Get ready to shine on the battlefield!


    ASUS Aura RGB lighting

    Show your style with customisable Aura RGB lighting. Choose from over 16.8 million colour combinations and four preset lighting effects.

    Colour cycle

    the Battlefield

    Sync up for the fight

    Build a unique team vibe at LAN parties or tournaments with exclusive headset-to-headset Aura RGB light synchronisation. Simply activate Bluetooth on your mobile and connect your ROG Strix Fusion 500 headset, then sync to other connected headsets with a simple tap on the dedicated app.

    Synchronise your gear

    ROG Strix Fusion 500 features ASUS Aura Sync technology, allowing you to synchronise lighting effects across Aura-enabled ROG products* to create a unique and captivating gaming atmosphere.

    * Requires an ASUS Aura-ready motherboard.

    Gaming Audio

    Exclusive airtight chamber

    Fine-tuned by audio engineers, ROG Strix Fusion 500 features an enlarged area around the drivers with an exclusive airtight chamber design to deliver pristine, natural-sounding audio.

    Incredibly Deep Bass, Clearer Details

    Exclusive ASUS Essence driver

    Designed with a wide frequency response of 20-40kHz, the exclusive ASUS Essence driver provides incredibly strong bass and optimised gaming sound so you'll hear the details while enjoying an all-around immersive acoustic experience.

    Hear Every Detail

    ESS Hi-Fi 9018 DAC and 9601 amplifier

    ROG Strix Fusion 500 includes the ESS 9018 DAC ― a single-chip solution delivering 24-bit/96kHz lossless playback with unprecedented dynamic range and ultralow distortion. Additionally, the built-in ESS 9601 amplifier lets you enjoy incredibly punchy bass. Enjoy a new level of audio quality!

    Hi-Res Audio

    7.1 Virtual Surround Sound on the Go

    Developed with Bongiovi Acoustics

    Unlike other gaming headsets, ROG Strix Fusion 500 breaks the norm and provides an all-new upgrade of virtual 7.1 surround sound that features an optimised, custom algorithm. Developed with Bongiovi Acoustics Digital Power Station™ technology, the unbeatable 7.1 virtual surround delivers more realistic sounds, all with the push of a button. No extra dongle or software is needed!


    Bongiovi Acoustics is a leading global audio technology company that aims to make the world a better-sounding place with its patented Digital Power Station technology. Bongiovi's team of audio professionals offers unique, innovative acoustic solutions that deliver recording studio quality to meet the growing demand for a more immersive user experience.

    Optimised Digital Microphone

    ROG Strix Fusion 500 features a digital boom mic with a sound-processing algorithm for clearer in-game communication. Folding up the microphone will also mute it automatically, without the need to change the settings manually.

    Expertly Engineered Comfort

    Exclusive ROG Hybrid ear cushions

    Unlike ear cushions made of fabric or traditional leather, Strix Fusion 500 uses exclusive ROG Hybrid ear cushions that combine protein leather and fabric mesh to ensure ultimate comfort without compromising audio quality. The ergonomic oval shape of ROG Hybrid ear cushions deliver better sound insulation and improved comfort ― so they're perfect for marathon gaming sessions.

    No more
    sweaty ear
    Better sound
    Oval shape

    Intuitive Touch Control

    Easily adjust the volume and other commonly used settings on the intuitive touch plate

    Swipe left/right to select track
    Volume Control
    Swipe up/down to change volume
    Pause & Play
    Single tap
    RGB sync
    Tap and hold for 3 seconds for headset-to-headset synchronisation

    Tap and hold for 5 seconds to enter pairing mode

    Not just for PCs

    ROG Strix Fusion 500 features a USB 2.0 connector for wide compatibility with PCs, Macs, and PlayStation 4.

    The Fusion Line

    Never compromise on gaming audio quality, comfort and style. Every Fusion headset features the exclusive ASUS Essence driver, airtight chamber technology for top-notch audio, ROG Hybrid cushions for extreme comfort, plus RGB lighting to show your personal style. All other features are yours for the choosing!

    Fusion 300 Fusion 500 Fusion 500 Fusion 500
    Connectivity USB 2.0
    3.5mm audio jack
    USB 2.0 USB 2.0
    Bluetooth 4.2
    (via USB port)
    7.1 virtual surround
    * Developed with Bongiovi Acoustics

    * Developed with Bongiovi Acoustics
    Airtight chamber
    ASUS Essence driver
    Lighting LED RGB RGB
    Aura RGB light
    X X
    Bluetooth control X RGB RGB, audio
    Microphone Analogue boom mic Digital boom mic Digital boom mic Analogue boom mic
    Touch controls X