About ASUS

    Below is the channel sales warranty policy provided by ASUS Technology Pvt. Ltd. India, for its products.

    Service Type*
    3 years Limited Local Warranty Carry-in
    VGA Cards
    3 years Limited Local Warranty Carry-in
    Optical Drives
    1 Year Limited Local Warranty Carry-in
    Notebooks Notebook Unit warranty 1 Years Limited International Warranty Carry-in/ Onsite*
    Battery 1 Year Limited International Warranty Carry-in/ Onsite*
    Eee Pc Eee Pc Unit warranty 1 Year Limited Local Warranty*
    (*Global warranty on selected models only)
    Carry-in/ Onsite*
    Battery and Accessories 1 Year Battery Warranty* Applicable for Purchase after 1st November, 2010 Carry-in/ Onsite*
    Eee Box Hardware(System) 2 Years Limited Local Warranty Carry-in
    Keyboard and Mouse 1 Year Limited Local Warranty Carry-in
    Eee Top All in One System 2 Years Limited Local Warranty Carry-in
    Keyboard, Mouse and Accessories 1 Year Limited Local Warranty Carry-in
    LCD Monitor
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    System 3 years Limited Local Warranty On Site
    Panel 2 years Limited Local Warranty (Purchased before October, 2008) On Site
    Zero Bright Dot(ZBD) 3 Months Limited Local Warranty for ZBD Models* On Site
    Handset ( Mobile Phone) Handset 1 year Limited Local Warranty Carry-in
    Battery 6 months Limited Local Warranty Carry-in
    Accessories 6 months Limited Local Warranty Carry-in
    Wireless Products Unit 3 years Local Warranty Carry-in
    Adaptor 6 months Local Warranty Carry In
    Multimedia Products O ! Play 1 year Local Warranty Carry In
    Sound cards 1 year Local Warranty Carry In
    Speakers 1 year Local Warranty Carry In
    Desktop Systems Unit 2 Years Local Warranty Carry In/ /

    Authorized Service Provider:

    Authorized Service Provider Products

    Regenersis India Limited.

    Motherboard, Notebook, Eee Family , Optical Drives, Graphic Cards, PDA , PadFone, Fonepad

    F1 Infosolutions & Services Pvt Ltd

    Desktop Systems, , LCD, Notebook, E- Family, AIO

    Rashi Peripherals Pvt. Ltd.

    Optical Drives, Multimedia products, Wireless/Networking Products

    Compuage Infocom Ltd

    Notebook, Eee PC, E-Pad

    Data Care

    Notebook, Eee PC

    Modi infosol Pvt. Ltd

    Notebook, Eee PC

    For more information, please check branches and facilities in http://in.asus.com


    • DOA supported by Distributor. If product fails within 7days from purchase date with proof of original receipt or invoice.

    ASUS will provide immediate repair/replacement to customer on end-users based on product’s warranty policy after product is verified by contacting ASUS authorized service provider. Note: Product must be in full packaging & without physical damage to the product. If product in NDF (No Defect found), ASUS reserve the right to return the original unit to End-user.

    • For RMA cases, if product more than 7days old, need to contact ASUS authorized service provider.

    Carry-in warranty: End users are requested to carry in individually to service centre for the local warranty.
    Warranty cover under start of manufacturing date. ASUS India reserves the right for any normal and abnormal warranty claims.
    Onsite/Pickup service: This facility is available for respective product or models covered by ASUS at the time of the purchase.

    • Onsite service will be limited to the customer location within 40 kms radius or within municipal limits whichever is nearer from ASUS service provider.
    • Customers to carry the products, if location is beyond 40 kms radius or outside the municipal limits.
    • For more than 40 kms, ASUS call center or service provides telephonic tech support during working hours on the basis of the nature of the problem..

    If the product is beyond repairable, ASUS will provide an equivalent product or an upgraded product. In case there is no availability of the product then ASUS will issue Credit Note as per the credit rule which depends upon year of use or current market price whichever is applicable.
    Extended warranty applicable if customer activates the warranty within the mentioned time (i.e. 90days for NB and 7days for EeePC) after purchasing the product and has the relevant warranty details

    Warranty terms:

    • This warranty is can be availed by the first buyer only and is not transferable from one user to another.
    • The warranty excludes demonstration/installation of the product purchased.
    • If customer purchases the product from outside India that has a local warranty, the product is repairable at additional charges.
    • In the event of repairs/replacement of any parts of the unit, this warranty will thereafter continue and remain in force only for the unexpired period of the warranty. Moreover time taken for repair/replacement and in transit whether under the warranty or otherwise shall not be excluded from the warranty period.
    • ASUS India will not be responsible for loss of any data on the PC or handset under any circumstances. Customers are encouraged to back up all data stored from your side before giving to service center.
    • ASUS’ liability shall be subject to the rates and terms of the ASP performing such services. All third party peripherals whether purchased as a part of the system or bundled with it, normally come with the prevailing suppliers warranty and ASUS does not warranty error free or uninterrupted operation of the equipment.
    • If the product is found physical defective or a burnt case, it will be treated as CID (Customer Induced Damage) the product will treat as out of warranty and can be repaired only on chargeable basis directly through the service centre.
    • ZBD (Zero Bright Dot ) warranty definition.
    • DOT Policy : Bright Dot > 3 Dots
    • Dark Dot > 5 Dots
    • DOT Definition: Bright Dots: Dots appear bright and unchanged in size in, which module is displaying under BLACK pattern
    • Dark Dots: Dots appear dark and unchanged in size in, which module is displaying under pure red, green, or blue pattern.

    • The warranty is issued at Mumbai and court at Mumbai shall have exclusive jurisdiction over matters covered or flowing from this warranty.
    • Under no circumstances the company is liable for loss directly or indirectly for third party claims against customer for losses or damages, records, information or data or economic consequential damages including lost profits.
    • Other service provider’s problem not covers under any of the product repair or replacement.

    Warranty Limitations:
    Warrant doesn’t apply to the product if:-

    • Original serial number is removed, obliterated or altered from the product or cabinet modification.
    • Cracked glass panel on any of the product like NB, LCD, and PDA. LCD screen or damage caused by too much pressure exerted on the LCD.
    • Cracks or damage on plastic parts.
    • Defects or damage due to non-recommended softwares added by customer or virus attack.
    • The products not used as per instructions in the user’s manual.
    • Any defects caused due to abnormal voltage, lightning. Natural calamities while in transit to service centre or purchasers’ residence.
    • Premises where the product is kept in conditions that do not conform to recommended operating conditions of the machine.
    • Parts requiring replacement due to normal wear and tear, corrosion, rust, stain etc.
    • The product being serviced or repaired by anyone or un-trained engineer other than Authorized service Provider and modification from original ASUS manufacturing standard.
    • Exposing the products to water on any circumstances by the user.
    • Natural disaster/wrong connection of accessories.

    *ASUS India reserves the rights for any normal and abnormal warranty claims. Ver 1.01