ZenFone 2 (ZE551ML)

    See What Others Can’t See

    Capture Life’s Precious Moments in Any Environment

    ZenFone 2’s 13MP rear-facing camera takes astounding images, and the 5MP front-facing camera’s 85-degree wide-angle lens, shoots sharp selfies and clear video chats.

    ASUS ZenFone

    Dual Cameras

    ASUS ZenFone


    ASUS ZenFone

    element lens

    Unparalleled Low-Light Performance

    400%-brighter images in low-light conditions

    PixelMaster's Low Light mode captures clear photos or videos throughout the night. Through a combination of adjusting pixel size and advanced image-processing algorithms, ZenFone 2 increases light sensitivity by up to 400%, enhances noise reduction and boosts color contrast by up to 400%.

    Light Sensitivity
    UP TO

    ASUS ZenFone

    Color Contrast
    UP TO

    ASUS ZenFone

    See The True Colors in Every Photo

    ZenFone 2’s dual-LED Real Tone flash creates the most natural illumination for indoor shots. The moment you press the shutter button, ZenFone 2 delivers the perfect combination of yellow and white light to produce flash-lit shots that capture the real tones of your subjects.

    Incredible Super HDR Photography for Extreme Backlight Scenario

    ZenFone 2’s PixelMaster camera technology includes Super HDR to improve the light balance. Innovative pixel-enhancing technology increases the brightness and details of shaded areas; and with 400%-better brightness and contrast, Super HDR ensures that the photos you capture look just what your eyes see.

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    Super Resolution for Extraordinary Clarity

    Capture photos at 4X detail

    ZenFone 2’s Super Resolution mode uses special image-processing techniques to create incredibly-detailed photos. With Super Resolution mode enabled, ZenFone 2 captures and combines four 13MP photos to create a single image with exceptional 4X clarity. Light or dark, you’ll enjoy more detail and less noise — and resolution equivalent to 52MP!

    Don’t Leave Anyone Out with Selfie Panorama

    140-degree panoramic selfies

    With this special wide-angle mode and ZenFone 2’s f/2.0-aperture lens and 85-degree field of view you’ll capture more of your happy times, with panoramic selfies of up to 140 degrees. Snap yourself and all your friends together or landscape backdrops!

    Capture The Moment in The Moment

    Display your smartphone's camera viewfinder on ASUS ZenWatch and easily capture great-looking selfies with the phone’s high-resolution rear camera. You can also compose and take pictures from creative angles, opening up a new world of unique photography opportunities.

    Remote Camera

    For An Even More Glamorous You

    Easy-to-use beautification tools that adjust in real-time

    ZenFone 2’s Beautification mode makes you or your subjects even better looking before your eyes. Just let ZenFone 2 balance facial features, soften complexions and remove skin blemishes to create flawless photos — and all in real time!

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    Never Miss Another Moment

    Zero shutter lag means you’ll capture the photo you want without missing a moment. With ZenFone 2 everything you shoot is caught in real time, so you’ll snap the bright sparkle of the most beautiful firework, the cheeky smiles of the wriggliest infant and the shooting star that’s passes by in the blink of an eye.

    A DSLR Experience in the Palm of Your Hand

    Professional photography at your fingertips

    ZenFone 2's Manual mode puts professional-grade settings right there in front of you, ready for whenever you need them. With the ability to change almost every aspect of your shoot, ZenFone 2 is like having a digital SLR in your pocket!

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    Special Effects Apps Let You Explore Your Creative Side

    ZenFone 2’s PhotoCollage includes the all-new Collage and Effects, allowing you to unleash your creativity to create beautiful montages and stunning special effects — all with a few quick gestures.

    Instantly Become a Director with ZenUI MiniMovie

    With ZenUI MiniMovie, part of ZenFone 2’s easy-to-use app line-up, you’re able quickly and easily to put together heart-touching photo slideshows, replete with titles and beautiful background music. Just shoot, show and share!

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    ASUS ZenCircle

    Capture and share life's moments in a snap

    Enjoy unlimited uploads, discover creative media from around the world, and leave likes and comments to interact with friends, family and new online buddies.