Fast and Efficient Graphics processing!

    ASUS EAX550HM is equipped with ASUS exclusive innovations and ATI Radeon X550 GPU. EAX550HM features advanced memory management technology - HyperMemory, which makes more efficient use of all the available memory in computers with PCI Express technology. Graphics applications can share system memory and use fast on-board memory for real-time processing between the graphics card and the computer's memory. Additionally, EAX550HM incorporates various innovative technologies, such as ASUS SPLENDID Video Intelligence Technology for intelligent video enhancement and interactive gaming features. The all-new ASUS card delivers the ultimate in computer visual enjoyment.

    ASUS Exclusive Innovations
    ASUS Splendid:
    Watching movies on PC is as good as on Top-of-the-line consumer television

    ASUS Video Security Online:

    Keep an eye on your home at all times no matter where you are

    ASUS Game LiveShow
    Stream live gaming action onto the internet and share with other gaming enthusiast

    ASUS Game Replay:

    Recording gaming action and strategy into MPEG4 files to share with other gaming enthusiast

    ASUS Game FaceMessenger
    Easy IM and live game conference in any PC games

    ASUS OnScreenDisplay:

    Adjust the fame settings and enhance gaming experience without leaving the game


    Technology supports system memory for real-time graphic processing

    Graphics VPU Features
    Powered by the most powerful GPU- ATI Radeon X550
    Four parallel 3D pixel pipelines
    Two programmable vertex shader pipelines
    PCI Express X16 lane native support
    Full DX9 support

    Models Available
    PCI-Express, TV-Out, DVI,VGA,128M