WL-500g Premium

    WL-500g Premium

    Attention wireless users!! If you are interested in faster wireless data transfer, broader signal coverage, easy digital content downloads, USB plug and share, smooth wireless streaming and more? Then please read on.

    Keeps downloading even when you and your computer is gone
    24 Hours, 7 Days
    Download Master, a unique technology found in ASUS wireless solutions, features several innovations to simplify the download process. Turn the WL-500g Premium 802.11g router into a wireless storage center by attaching an external hard drive via USB 2.0. Download Master runs independent t to the computer system, which means it takes up zero computing resource.

    For laptop users, simply set your download priorities then disconnect the laptop, and let the WL-500g Premium and Download Master take care of everything. If you're at a remote location, the WL-550g Premium also enables download queue setting via the Internet. When you return home or office, the files you demanded will be neatly arranged in the external hard drive. Supporting BitTorrent, ftp and htp protocols, the WL-500g Premium is a complete and versatile solution.

    Faster and broader
    Sharing videos and songs stored through the WL-500g Premium wirelessly take high-speed data transfers and large coverage area. Two technologies take care of this issue.

    BroadRange™ triples wireless signal coverage of 802.11g standard by enhancing reception sensitivity. For best result, the client device should support this technology as well. Enjoy smooth wireless connection in every corner of every environment.

    Afterburner Technology increases data transfer speeds of 802.11g standard by 35%. Wireless sharing of digital content is now faster and easier than ever before.

    Plug it in and Shares
    The WL-500g Premium offers a host of Plug-n'-Share functions. Whether it's hard drives, printers or webcams, just plug them in via the USB ports to enable other devices in the network to share their functions.

    Plug-n'-Share hard drive is especially worth highlight. It acts as a ftp server, which lets you backup data from your computer and use network neighborhood in Windows to browse external hard drive content. All these functions can be enjoyed without connecting the WL-500g Premium to any computer systems.

    Smooth media sharing
    The WL-500g Premium supports UPnP protocol and automatically searches and recognizes all digital media player in the network. it's a piece of cake to share music and video stored through the WL-500g Premium to any 802.11b/g-applicable devices within the WLAN. Bandwidth allocation management is also available to ensure smooth listening and viewing experience without interruption from other bandwidth eating functions.