Dual-Band AC1900 USB Wi-Fi Adapter
  • Instantly upgrade your PC or laptop to dual-band AC1900 Wi-Fi!
  • Powerful 3x4 MIMO design with dual 3-position external antennas and ASUS AiRadar beamforming for outstanding Wi-Fi reception
  • USB 3.0 interface for up to 10X-faster data-transfer speeds
  • Includes cradle for flexible positioning to achieve the very best performance
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“ASUS USB-AC68 would suit any system well. It delivers a great performance and looks great plugged into your system or the included cradle.”
In a nutshell, pricing on the price of RM 450 in Malaysia currently, I feel, this USB adapter suits well for people who craving for wireless speed despite of having the existing device limitation that preventing from utilizing such speed.
With all of this good features, USB-AC68 will be cover all type of usage like streaming, data sharing, online gaming, it the fastest USB adapter we test it tile today!
It takes up a portion of an adapter to be and especially when you fold the antennas out, but it's also just these antennas, which makes the ASUS USB-AC68 have a good signal and pick up the wireless connection.
The following important advantages of the ASUS USB-AC68 should be noted: USB 3.0 interface, up-to-date specifications, and support for all popular networking protocols.
The ASUS USB-AC68 dual-band USB 3.0 wireless adapter is a solid product that will please users with both its futuristic looks and performance. It is easy to set up and it can be used to enjoy wireless network connections on desktop computers or to get a boost on laptops which have a USB 3.0 port and rather poor Wi-Fi networking capabilities. It’s also great for those of you that want to enjoy the benefits of wireless connections that are using the 802.11ac standard. No matter the reason you have for purchasing it, if you can afford it, you will definitely enjoy what it has to offer. Also, its looks will definitely stir reactions from those that see it.

The ASUS USB-AC68 is a dual-band USB Wi-Fi adapter that instantly upgrades your desktop or laptop to the novelist 802.11ac technology with Wi-Fi speeds up to 1300 Mbps (5GHz) and 600 Mbps (2.4GHz). Its 3x4 MIMO antenna design with ASUS AiRadar Beamforming optimize the Wi-Fi reception, and the 3-position antennas and the cradle make it convenient to adjust for the best performance according to your usage- on desktop, on laptop, or on the go! The USB 3.0 interface eliminates the potential bottleneck for your Wi-Fi and ensures the best performance you can get.

Boost your PC with up to 300% faster Wi-Fi

ASUS USB-AC68 gives your PC a wireless boost of up to 33% on the 2.4GHz band and an amazing 300% on the 5GHz band1 (compared with an 802.11n 3T3R adapter). With a combined data rate of up to 1900Mbps, your desktop or laptop will be able to handle bandwidth-intensive tasks easily.

Upgrade your PC’s Wi-Fi — instantly!

ASUS USB-AC68 gives your laptop or desktop outstanding signal coverage thanks to its powerful 3x4 MIMO design with dual 3-position external antennas and ASUS AiRadar beamforming. Enjoy full Wi-Fi bandwidth throughout your home without messy setups.

Full speed ahead with USB 3.0!

The USB 3.0 interface allows USB-AC68 to pair with notebooks and desktops with performance that’s up to 10X faster than USB 2.0. This gives USB-AC68 more than enough bandwidth to fully support 802.11ac Wi-Fi speeds, so you take full advantage of the latest Wi-Fi standard.

Easy to position for the best reception.

USB-AC68 includes a desktop cradle that makes it easy to place it in the best position for good reception in troublesome Wi-Fi areas.

Keep Up to Date!

Remember to always keep your device’s firmware up to date so you can benefit from the very latest service and security enhancements — and get exciting new features! Learn more about updating new firmware.


1. Actual data rate will vary according to network conditions and environmental factors.

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