[Specification] How to check if the ASUS Wireless Router supports 2.5G for WAN/LAN port?

Can RJ45 be used for WAN/LAN with 2.5BaseT?

This port can be used as WAN or LAN and get max 2.5G speed.


How to get the specification?

  1. You can find the information in the ASUS Global site https://www.asus.com/


2. Click

3. Example: GT-AX11000.  Type in :  "gt-ax11000"

4. Click ROG Rapture GT-AX11000


5. Find GT-AX11000 product site and click Specifications.


6. GT-AX11000 only has one WAN/LAN port for 2.5G.

     Port specifications for the GT-AX11000 are shown below:

            RJ45 for 10/100/1000 BaseT for WAN x 1

            RJ45 for 2.5G BaseT for WAN/LAN x 1

            RJ45 for 10 100 1000 BaseT for LAN x 4




How to get the (Utility / Firmware)?

You can download the latest drivers, software, firmware and user manuals in the ASUS Download Center.

If you need more information about the ASUS Download Center, please refer this link.