The Right Solution to Your WiFi Problems Regardless of the Home Types

WiFi obstructions come from concrete/brick floors and walls, as well as other electric appliances that emit radio signals. AiMesh WiFi solves these problems by creating a network where all routers communicate with each other all the time, ensuring smooth and reliable whole-home WiFi with a variety of great networking features. ASUS offers a complete lineup of AiMesh products, making it easy to find the right solution for your home.

Designed for Your Home

Here’s how our customers deploy AiMesh system in their homes.


Traditional Two-story Home

Ranch Style Home

Taichung, Taiwan

Five stories, two bedrooms

Five-story townhouse

300 sq. meters
(total floor area)

With AiMesh, I get a strong WiFi signal on every floor with no dead zones. Setup was easy with the intuitive smartphone app and my daily usage experience has been great.

AiMesh solution:

2 x RT-AC68U Learn more

Chen's Home

New Taipei City, Taiwan

One story, two bedrooms

Apartment with brick walls

80 sq. meters

It’s nice to have just one WiFi network name, even though I have multiple routers, and my devices seamlessly switch from one router to another when I move around the house. All of my devices are connected to the 5GHz channel and reach the maximum speeds from my ISP (200 Mbps downloads/20 Mbps uploads). With my AiMesh system, I can enjoy smooth video streaming at 190 Mbps speeds anywhere in my home.

AiMesh solution:

1 x RT-AC5300 Learn more
1 x GT-AC5300 Learn more

Tsai's Home

Shanghai, China

Two stories, five bedrooms

Large two-story house

690 m2

AiMesh gave me a great networking experience overall and exceeded my expectations. It provides a smooth experience when switching between routers and give me whole-home WiFi coverage. It solves all my home network problems for daily usage.

AiMesh solution:

3 x GT-AC5300 Learn more

Chang's Home

RedLand, Australia

Single story, five bedrooms

Single story house

Appx. 460 sq. meters

I definitely think it’s made a massive improvement. We cam now actually get on the internet in my daughter’s room. We can have Netflix in there, whereas before we couldn’t even pick up a bar of the signal. You would sit down in the lounge room and three of us will be sitting on different devices, watching Netflix, playing on Facebook or interactive games. And no problem at all, it’s working perfectly.

AiMesh solution:

1 x RT-AC88U Learn more
1 x RT-AC68U Learn more

Louisa’s Home

Some Tips to Create Your Stable WiFi System

The location of each AiMesh router impacts WiFi performance throughout your home, so careful placement is important. Fortunately, it’s also easy. Here are a few tips to help

  • Primary router and nodes are too far from each other
  • Obstacles (walls, furniture) are blocking the connection between routers
  • Spread routers evenly across the floor so every corner of your home can be covered. The optimal distance between routers is about 10–15 meters.
  • Whenever possible, provide a clear line of sight (no obstacles) between AiMesh routers, ensuring the best possible connection between them can provide better connections to your devices.
  • WiFi connections can hardly be delivered from the main router to the top floor due to the gap from the first through second floors.
  • Make sure each hub can receive and transmit a WiFi signal from the previous to the next hub for smooth WiFi to the farthest corner of the home.
  • A stairway is an ideal place in a multi-story home to relay the WiFi signal to another floor.
  • Keep your AiMesh hubs away from interference sources, such as microwave ovens, large metal objects and other wireless signal sources.


Update the firmware

Install the latest firmware on all routers and set extending AiMesh nodes to factory defaults

Set up the primary router

Connect the highest specification router to your internet connection as primary router and create the WiFi network

Search for your AiMesh nodes

Turn on the other AiMesh routers, click 'Search' in ASUSWRT or the ASUS Router app to find them

Add AiMesh nodes to AiMesh system

Select a router, and click 'Apply' to add it to your AiMesh WiFi system

If you have AiMesh hard bundle Wi-Fi system, the setup is even easier,
Check out hands-on video here.


  1. Actual data throughput and WiFi coverage will vary from network conditions and environmental factors, including the volume of network traffic, building material and construction, and network overhead, result in lower actual data throughput and wireless coverage.
  2. Seamless roaming may depend on the specification of mobile devices.
  3. DSL and LTE WiFi modem routers that support AiMesh technology are only capable of working as AiMesh primary router, not AiMesh node.
  4. For your router's full model name, please check the sticker at the back of your router.