ProArt PA602 E-ATX computer case, 420 mm radiator support, one 140 mm and two 200mm pre-installed system fans, front panel IR dust indicator, power lock latch, tool-less PCIe mounting, USB 20Gbps support
  • Superior Airflow: 15.5 mm front panel grill with 45% porosity, two extra-thick 200 x 38 mm front fans for maximum air intake, and a 140 mm rear exhaust fan
  • Superior Thermals: Two deflectors send incoming air towards the motherboard and other internal components to optimize temperatures
  • Ample Space: Supports one 420 mm radiator for AIO cooling or custom liquid-cooling loops and the most robust graphics card get ample room for horizontal or vertical mounting
  • Extensive I/O: Power Lock Latch and 2-section PWM control; USB Type-C 20Gbps port
  • Front Panel IR Dust Indicator: Timely reminders to clean the filter to maintain top-tier airflow
  • Creator-Friendly Design: Tool-less graphics card mounting, integrated graphics card holder and built-in fan hub come together to amp up the building experience
  • Elegant aesthetics: Minimalist case adorned with ProArt themed design
ProArt PA602
ProArt PA602_Hero angle
ProArt PA602

ProArt PA602

Flow with the Breeze

Engineered for optimal airflow and enhanced cooling, the ProArt PA602 case is a dream for creative professionals seeking focused workflows. With a front panel designed for maximum air intake, thick pre-installed 140 mm rear fan and two 200 mm front fans, an integrated fan hub and support for a 420 mm radiator on the top, it delivers top-tier performance right out of the box. The ProArt PA602 caters to those in search of high-end thermal solutions. Meanwhile, a minimalist design ensures creators can work with fewer distractions.

  • icon of 15.5 mm open grill on the front panel of PA602 case

    15.5 mm open grill for maximum air intake

  • icon of 45% grill porosity on the front panel of PA602 case

    45% grill porosity for optimal airflow

  • icon of 200x38mm built-in fans for enhanced cooling

    200x38mm built-in fans for enhanced cooling

  • icon of Front panel dust detection of PA602 case

    Front panel dust detection


Air Superiority

The PA602 features a 15.5 mm open front grill with 45% porosity to maximize airflow and ventilation. Meanwhile, extra-thick PWM fans yield very high airflow and pleasant acoustics, and pre-installed dual air deflectors work in concert to help centralize cool air for both graphics cards and CPU cooler air intake, enhancing cooling efficiency for the whole system.

ProArt PA602 case front panel 15.5mm open grill

15.5 mm open grill for maximum air intake

ProArt PA602 case built in fan

Thicker fans for enhanced cooling
Front fan 200 x 38 mm | Rear fan 140 x 28 mm

ProArt PA602 case airflow

Dual air deflectors for airflow

Ample Space

Space for Powerful Components

The ProArt PA602 supports one 420 mm radiator for AIO cooling or custom liquid-cooling loops. It also provides sufficient space for the beefiest graphics cards in both horizontal and vertical mounting positions.

  • Max. Compatibility

  • Fan Compatibility

  • Radiator Compatibility

  1. Radiator 420 mm

  2. Graphics Card

    450 mmHorizontal Mounting

    125 mmVertical Mounting

ProArt PA602 case’s compatibilities with 420 mm radiator, graphics card vertical and horizontal mounts
ProArt PA602 PC build’s compatibilities with 120mm, 140mm, 200mm fans
ProArt PA602 PC build’s compatibilities 360 radiator and 420 radiator
360 Radiator
420 Radiator


Creator-friendly Design

The ProArt PA602 streamlines your PC building experience with a full suite of innovative features, and it’s primed for convenient everyday use with automatic dust detection, built-In wheels for effortless moving and more.

  • Tool-free Graphics Card Slot Clamp for Effortless Installation

  • Front Panel Dust Detection for Timely Cleaning Reminder

  • ProArt PA602 case wifi antenna compartment

    Extra space for Wi-Fi Antenna to
    Help Maintain a Minimalist Look


    One-Stop PWM Fan Hub Conveniently
    Optimizes Cooling Performance

  • ProArt PA602 case built-in wheels

    Effortless Maneuvering
    with Two Built-In Wheels


Front I/O Optimized for Creators

Thoughtful touches streamline the day-to-day experience for artists and designers.

  1. Premium Fan Speed Control

    With integrated PWM control, switching between normal and working scenarios is effortless.

  2. 20Gbps USB Type-C®

    The PA602 incorporates one 20Gbps USB Type-C port alongside two USB 3.0 and two USB 2.0 ports, for future-proof and backward-compatible connectivity with compatible motherboards.

  3. Power Lock Latch

    The power button is intelligently designed with a physical latch to prevent accidental presses during your work session, to help provide a hassle-free experience.

ProArt PA602 case front panel I/O, including power latch, fan speed control and USB Type-C port


Superior Storage Expandability

This chassis supports up to four HDDs or up to eight SATA SSDs, ensuring ample storage capacity for your data storage needs.

  • 4MAX 3.5" HDD

  • 8MAX 2.5" SSD

ProArt PA602 case supports HDDs and SSDs
ProArt PA602 case supports 4 HDDs ProArt PA602 case supports 8 SSDs
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