RT-N66U C1

    RT-N66U C1

    Wireless N900 Dual-Band Router with Parental Control and AiCloud.

    • Enhanced signal range and stability - ASUS AiRadar intelligently strengthens wireless connectivity with better coverage.
    • Network control via ASUS Router app – PC-free control of network settings, anytime, anywhere.
    • Parental Controls - Monitor and apply scheduled time limits for your children.
    • ASUS AiCloud – your personal cloud spacelets you access, sync, share and stream your files anywhere, on any internet-connected device.
    • USB3.0 - USB 3.0 port for 10X-faster data transfers than USB 2.0; also includes one USB 2.0 port.
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      Incredible performance with incredible control!

      ASUS RT-N66U C1 dual-band wireless-N900 gigabit router delivers incredible performance and coverage range. With new ASUSWRT UI, quickly setup your network, customize user access, and monitor signal strength. The RT-N66U C1 concurrent both 5 GHz and 2.4 GHz transmission up to 900Mbps that makes it ideal for bandwidth demanding tasks such as 3D HD video streaming, multiplayer gaming, USB hard drive file sharing, and USB connected printer sharing. Built-in Wi-Fi amplifiers make the RT-N66U C1 the perfect wireless router for larger, multi-level homes and buildings with signal range that reaches virtually any area.

      ASUS RT-N66U C1 provides incredible performance and coverage range for you, make you build your customized home network easily!

      Do more at once with dual-core processors inside

      The ASUS RT-N66U C1 features a dual-core processor that eliminates the performance drops that plague other routers. So even on the busiest home networks, HD video streaming is smooth, the latency low for online gaming and VoIP calls, and file downloads are uninterrupted.

      The ASUS RT-N66U C1 features a dual-core processor inside

      Unbeatable Wi-Fi coverage

      With the powerful antenna design, both Wi-Fi range and signal stability improve dramatically. AiRadar beamforming further focuses Wi-Fi signal on your devices, making your Wi-Fi faster, clearer and stronger.

      ASUS RT-N66U C1 features AiCloud to provide you all the storage space you need.

      AiRadar – TX Beamforming Support

      With AiRadar Beamforming technology, high power amplification, and exclusive ASUS RF fine-tuning to extend coverage, increase dynamic data speed, and enhanced stability.

      ASUS RT-N66U C1 provides great coverage through your home.

      Ultimate USB speed and versatility

      USB 3.0 features data transfers up ten times faster than USB 2.0. Two USB ports make the RT-N66U C1 perfect for file, multimedia, and 3G/4G sharing, while ASUS AiDisk offers remote access and quick content streaming. Where other routers have their USB ports sandwiched next to one another, both RT-N66U C1 USB ports are evenly spaced for easy access to either at all times.

      ASUS RT-N66U C1 features USB 3.0 perfect for file sharing

      ASUS Router APP Control Your Network Anywhere

      In your increasingly mobile-enabled life, having control over your network via an app is more important than ever. The new ASUS Router App is built from the ground-up to be both intuitive and robust, allowing you to setup your router, manage network traffic, diagnose connection issues and even update firmware, all without needing to boot up a PC. » Learn more

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      You can access your ASUS RT-N66U C1 anywhere with ASUS Router App.

      The One Place for All Your Data - ASUS AiCloud

      ASUS AiCloud keeps you connected to your data wherever and whenever you have an internet connection. It links your home network and online web storage services, giving you access to your files using the AiCloud mobile app on your iOS, Android smartphones or via a personalized browser URL. You can share photos instantly with services like Facebook, Flickr and Dropbox directly from the AiCloud app. It's your expandable and unlimited personal cloud — and it's completely free.

      ASUS RT-N66U C1 features AiCloud to provide you all the storage space you need.

      Focus on YOUR Family

      Wi-Fi Pause turns off the internet for a while — perfect for when you need some quality family time!

      ASUS RT-N66U C1 supports Parental control, you can set up access plan for connected devices.

      Keep Up to Date!

      Remember to always keep your device's firmware up to date so you can benefit from the very latest service and security enhancements — and get exciting new features!

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      Traffic Monitor

      Roaming Assist

      Guest Network

      Parental Control

      VPN server & client

      MAC, keyword and URL filter


      Download Master

      Printer Server

      Media Server

      Mac OS backup support