Straightforward driver deployment

Keep your devices stable and secure, efficiently and simply

ASUS driver update management services are designed to simplify the process for IT to set up, download and deploy required drivers. They also enable system integrators (SIs) and value-added resellers (VARs) to swiftly access drivers for specific models, proactively update systems and improve system efficiency.
Benefit of ASUS ASUS driver management services  -Precise device identification
Precise device identification
Easily locate specific devices based on their CVE severity level or model through efficient search functions.
Benefit of ASUS ASUS driver management services  -Streamlined driver management
Streamlined driver management
Access driver packages designed for Microsoft SCCM, simplifying deployment and maintenance across your network.
Benefit of ASUS ASUS driver management services  - Timely updates
Timely updates
Proactively delivers updated drivers to keep systems up to date, and enhance performance and stability.

Streamlined driver management at one-stop portal

Consolidated, convenient, comprehensive drivers management services from ASUS.

ASUS Driver & Repacks

Our intuitive web service simplifies the setup processes of downloading and deploying required drivers to just a few clicks. 
•    Access ASUS OEM driver packs and individual drivers
•    CVE Severity Insights for prioritizing updates
•    Streamlined SCCM package generation 
•    Receive website update notifications for pinned models

ASUS Driver Command

This allows IT staff to effectively manage and control driver updates across multiple endpoint devices, ensuring enhanced security with up-to-date drives and pre-defined driver setting.
•    Accurate driver version detection
•    Support GUI update, providing an intuitive interface
•    Customize driver update frequency, severity filters and other parameters  
•    Supports Windows Knowledge Base updates

ASUS Partner Alliance for IT Pro (PA4ITP)

A one-stop-shop portal consolidating ASUS Driver & Repacks, Driver Command and Image Maker, enabling enterprises to communicate directly with ASUS and SIs/VARs.
•    Personalized one-stop portal by improving client communication experience
•    Automatic technology account management
•    Consolidation of ASUS technical services
•    Visual dashboard for an at-a-glance view of usage status


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