ASUS Laptop 15 A516

Media reviews
Based on a survey conducted by ASUS, people tend to choose a laptop with a 15-inch screen if the specifications and price are the same.
Elegant design, complete features to support lecture activities, large double storage and affordable prices answer all their needs.
VivoBook 15 (A516) is not an ordinary mainstream laptop. The body is designed to be tougher than mainstream laptops in general and has been equipped with a special structure that strengthens the body. At the bottom of the keyboard, for example, where ASUS has embedded a metal frame so that the body is not easily damaged when twisted. In addition, a layer of metal frame is embedded on the side of the screen so that it can hold up better when VivoBook 15 (A516) users open and close the screen.
One thing that is no less interesting than the VivoBook 15 (A516) is the price which is relatively affordable. This is indeed designed as a versatile laptop for all people, so ASUS presents quite a lot of variants for this series. The ASUS VivoBook 15 (A516) is priced starting at IDR 5,299,000, making it accessible to various groups, including students.
In conclusion, the VivoBook 15 A516 is the right laptop. The screen size is wide, better than 14-inch screens and below. But, the body is not too bulky like old school 15-inch laptops. Performance, okay. Moreover, the upgradability options are quite extensive. That is, for use in the next 3-4 years, this laptop could be an option. Just don't use it to play heavy games.
This laptop is suitable for use in completing light work. In addition to the affordable price, the quality of this laptop screen display is the main attraction. If you feel that RAM and internal memory are still lacking, you can add it yourself through the slot provided.