ASUS Vivobook Go 15 (E1504F)

ASUS Vivobook Go 15

Compact & Super-Durable

Three ASUS Vivobook Go 15 one laptop showing the screen and keyboard one showing its lid and a closed one showing its bottom
Windows 11 Home
Up to AMD
Ryzen 5 7520U
Mobile Processor
Up to
16 GB LPDDR5 5500 MHz
Up to
512 GB PCIe® 3.0 SSD
Thin and light icon
17.9 mm / 1.63 kg
thin and light

Cool Silver/Mixed Black/Grey Green

Vivobook Go 15 in multiple colors, Cool Silver, Mixed Black and Grey Green
Fast charge icon
60% in 49 mins
fast charging4

ASUS ErgoSense keyboard

ASUS ErgoSense keyboard for the best typing experience
180<sup class='sign-deg' aria-label='degree'>°</sup> hinge for diverse usage
180° hinge
for diverse usage
Fingerprint sensor password-free one-touch login
One-touch login
via touchpad fingerprint sensor5
ASUS Webcam shield for instant privacy
ASUS webcam shield
for instant privacy
ASUS WiFi Master icon
ASUS WiFi Master
for superb connecting speeds6
Military-grade toughness
Military-grade toughness
810H standard7
ASUS AI noise cancelation noise-free video conferencing
ASUS AI noise cancelation
noise-free video conferencing


Clearly superior display

Vivobook Go 15 opened at 90 degrees, displaying a colorful wallpaper on its screen.
Up to
1920 by 1080
screen-to-body ratio8
Delta-E < 2
color accuracy9
Up to
250 nits
peak brightness
PANTONE Validated icon. industry-standard color fidelity


Missions accomplished!

The view of a Viovbook Go 15 working for multiple tasks, graphic chart design, web browsing and video call.
Windows 11 Home
Up to AMD
Ryzen 5 7520U
Mobile Processor
Up to AMD
Radeon 610M
Up to
512 GB
PCIe® 3.0 SSD
Up to
16 GB


Fast charging

Oblique view of an opened Vivobook Go 15 with sun and mountain in the background and a clock underneath the laptop.
Fast charging
60% in 49 mins
via DC-in4


Outstanding audio to hear the world

Vivobook Go 15 opened at a wide angle and seen from the side, playing concert video with two audio waves in the background.

Design Highlight

Choose your color

Mixed Black, Cool Silver and Grey Green Vivobook Go 15 laptops showing its lid.
1.63 kg
17.9 mm

180° Hinge

Wide open for sharing

Vivobook Go 15 opened up to 180 degrees.


ASUS ErgoSense keyboard, comfortable typing experience

Full-sized keyboard 19.05 mm
The full-size 19.05 mm key pitch is the same as a desktop keyboard so you can whizz through your work with superb typing comfort and accuracy.
Dished key caps 0.2 mm
The 0.2 mm key-cap dish is designed to match the shape of your fingertips so your fingers are gently guided to the ideal contact point with the keys.
Long key travel 1.4 mm
Good tactile feedback is important to let you know that your key press has been registered. The long 1.4 mm key travel lets you type without having to use too much force. And underneath the key, there’s a rubber dome crafted by keyboard experts here at ASUS. It guarantees your click force is met with just the right tactile bump you need for a nice grip.
0.1 mm key cap relief
When fully depressed, the keys on the ErgoSense keyboard don’t sink below the level of the keyboard deck. The key caps remain at least 0.1 mm above the chassis surface, providing you with a comfortable, ergonomic typing experience.
Enhanced number key layout
Blitz through data-crunching tasks with the enhanced number key layout! This features hotkeys for the calculator, CE and +/- functions, along with increased spacing to match the full-size key pitch for more intuitive number entry.

User Experience

User friendly design

Close-up view of the optional fingerprint sensor in the touchpad.
Unlock with one touch
Close-up view of physical webcam privacy shield.
Physical webcam privacy shield


Perfect in every detail

Two Vivobook Go 15 are closed and shown from left-side and right-side views, presenting I/O ports from left to right — an audio jack, a USB 3.2 Gen1 Type-C, two USB 3.2 Gen1 Type-A, a HDMI, a DC-in 1.4 and a USB 2.0.
USB 2.0 icon USB 2.0
USB 3.2 Gen1 Type-A icon USB 3.2 Gen 1
USB 3.2 Gen1 Type-C icon USB-C® 3.2 Gen 1
HDMI<sup class='sign-cr' aria-label='registered'>®</sup> icon HDMI®
audio combo jack icon audio combo jack


Fine-tuned with ASUS WiFi Master technology

Learn more about WiFi 6E
Vivobook Go 15 is shown a WiFi icon in the display with speed rays in the background.
Up to
WiFi 6E
network capacity12
faster than standard AC13
lower latency14


World’s most strictly tested US military-grade laptop durability15

Learn more about each laptop quality test results
An ASUS laptop photo shown at an angle, from above.

AI Noise Cancelation

Next-level AI noise-canceling audio technology

Conference Call

Conference calls with more possibilities

The image shows when Target Speaker Tracking mode is switch on, the microphone can target and track the talker within 180 degrees.
Single presenter conference call
A group of four people is having conferencing call with a laptop and the laptop in-screen shows the multiple voice volumes from all directions.
Multi-presenter conference call


Standout webcam effect – ASUS 3DNR

A comparison of two video call scenario photos shows the webcam effect difference between with and without ASUS 3D Noise Reduction.


Truly personalized workflow

A laptop viewed from the front with a starburst graphic on the screen surrounded by app icons.



Learn more about MyASUS
MyASUS function icon flying out from the screen of Vivobook Go 15MyASUS
WiFi master icon WiFi SmartConnect
AI noise-canceling icon AI Noise-Canceling Technology
Fie transfer icon File Transfer
Fan mode icon Fan Profile
Color profile icon Display Color Profile
System diagnosis icon One-Click System Diagnosis



Learn more about GlideX
GlideX icon GlideX
Screen Mirror iconScreen Mirror
Screen Extend icon Screen Extend


ScreenXpert for ASUS PCs

Learn more about ScreenXpert for ASUS PCs
ScreenXpert Icon ScreenXpert for ASUS PCs
App Switcher icon App Switcher
App Navigator icon App Navigator
Cam / Mic Switch icon Cam / Mic Switch
  1. The devices referred to on this web page are the most highly-specified models available. Some models and configurations may not have an display option. Please check the product specifications to ensure that the correct type of display is configured before purchasing in-store or online.
  1. The visual appearance of displays may change over the product’s lifetime. This is expected behavior that can include image persistence or burn-in, where the display shows a faint remnant of an image even after a new image appears on the screen. This tends to occur only in extreme use cases, such as when a static, high-contrast image is continuously displayed for prolonged periods of time. ASUS laptops with an display minimize this risk by setting Windows’s Dark mode as default, as well as shortening the idle time before the screen is turned off — both on mains (AC) and battery (DC) power. This dual approach minimizes the potential for burn-in to maximize the lifespan of your display lifespan, and also reduces unnecessary power draw for optimal battery life. We also recommended adjust the brightness of your display to complement the ambient lighting in your environment, rather than keeping the screen at maximum brightness at all times. You should also ensure that you have an animated, dark-background screensaver enabled in the Windows Settings tool. It is recommended that during heavy usage, the laptop lid is opened by more than 90°, in order to minimize any effects on screen quality and longevity.
  2. Maximum RAM capacity may vary according to device configuration.
  3. Maximum SSD capacity may vary according to device configuration.
  4. Charges the battery to up to 60% within 49 minutes when the system is off or in Standby mode. Power adapter with a minimum capacity of 45 watts is required. After charging has reached 60% capacity, charging will resume at normal rate. Charging time may vary +/-10% due to system tolerance.
  5. Backlit keyboard and integrated fingerprint sensor are optional.
  6. WiFi 6E is backwards-compatible with legacy 802.11 specs. Actual performance of WiFi 6E may vary in real-world situations.
  7. The testing regime includes the requirements of both military-grade standards and ASUS quality tests, and varies depending on device. MIL-STD-810 testing is conducted on selected ASUS products only. Note that the MIL-STD-810 testing helps to ensure the quality of ASUS products but does not indicate a particular fitness for military use. The test is performed under laboratory conditions. Any damage caused by attempts to replicate these test conditions would be considered accidental, and would not be covered by the standard ASUS warranty. Additional coverage is available with ASUS Premium Care.
  8. The screen-to-body ratio is calculated based on the visible body area of the display when the laptop is opened to 90° and the active display area.
  9. Average test results: Delta-E < 1.5, +/- 0.5. Over time, the Delta-E value of the display may change. It is recommended to recalibrate the color to ensure color accuracy.
  10. Compared to average LCD displays in the market, measuring energy emission of blue light in between 415-455 nm wavelength.
  11. Compared to average LCD laptop panel. Average LCD display has 10 ms response time.
  12. This amendment defines standardized modifications to both the IEEE 802.11 physical layers (PHY) and the IEEE 802.11 Medium Access Control layer (MAC) that enable at least one mode of operation capable of supporting at least four times improvement in the average throughput per station (measured at the MAC data service access point) in a dense deployment scenario, while maintaining or improving the power efficiency per station. For additional details visit:
  13. 802.11ax 2x2 160 MHz enables 2402 Mbps maximum theoretical data rate, ~3x faster than standard 802.11ac 2x2 80 MHz (867 Mbps) and nearly 6x faster than baseline 1x1ac (433 Mbps) Wi-Fi as documented in IEEE 802.11 wireless standard specifications, and require the use of similarly configured 802.11ax wireless network routers.
  14. “Up to 75% lower latency” is based on Intel simulation data of 802.11ax with and without OFDMA using 9 clients. Average latency without OFDM is 36 ms, with OFDMA average latency is reduced to 7.6 ms. Latency improvement requires that the AP and all clients support OFDMA.
  15. Selected products are tested using enhanced military-grade MIL-STD-810H durability standards, with 12 test methods and 26 test procedures, to ensure extraordinary toughness. Based on ASUS internal market research using available information and testing reports from main laptop brand websites on Oct 28, 2022, ASUS consumer laptops use a regime consisting of 26 test procedures, which is the consumer laptop industry’s strictest and most extensive test regime for the MIL-STD-810H standard.
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  • Windows 11 Home - ASUS recommends Windows 11 Home for business
  • Up to AMD Ryzen™ 5 Mobile Processor
  • Up to Up to 16 GB LPDDR5 5500 MHz
  • Up to 512 GB SSD storage
  • Up to 14'' FHD NanoEdge display
  • 180-degree hinge design
  • Military-Grade durability
  • Optional ASUS NumberPad 2.0
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