[Wireless] How to forget WiFi connection password on Windows/MacOS/Android/iOS?




      1. Go to "Windows settings", select "Network & Internet".


      2. Enter "Wi-Fi" page and click  "Manage known networks". 


      3. Select the target Wi-Fi network you want to forget and click  "Forget".




      1. Go to  "System Preferences" and click "Network".


      2. Click "Wi-Fi" from left column, then click "Advanced…".


      3. Select the target Wi-Fi network name from "Preferred Networks", then click "-" to remove the Wi-Fi network from list, and click "ok".


      4. Click "Apply".



iOS devices:

  1. Go to "Settings", and select "Wi-Fi"

  1. Select a Wi-Fi network from "MY NETWORKS" list and click "i" icon on the right.

  1. Click "Forget This Network".



  1. Go to "Setting" and click "Wi-Fi".
  2. Select a Wi-Fi network and long press on the name.
  3. Click "Forget" from the pop-up menu.