ASUS ExpertWiFi EBG15

Gigabit VPN wired router, Up to 3 WAN ethernet ports + 1 USB WAN, IPS intrusion prevention, Layer 7 firewall, Commercial-grade network security, Easy centralized management ExpertWiFi app
  • Easier-Than-Ever Setup — Convenient and easy router management via web browser or the ASUS ExpertWiFi mobile app through Bluetooth setup.
  • VLAN for Added Security —Each of the Ethernet ports can be assigned to one or more VLAN IDs that provides additional security for your business.
  • Up to 3 WAN Ethernet Ports – 1 gigabit WAN port and 2 gigabit WAN/LAN ports with load balancing optimize multi-line broadband usage.
  • Backup WAN for Stable Connectivity –The USB port can be used as a backup WAN by connecting it to a mobile phone with hotspot to maintain a reliable internet connection.
  • Commercial-Grade Network Security and VPN Secure public WiFi connections with Safe Browsing and VPN features. Enjoy a free-subscription ASUS AiProtection Pro, including robust intrusion prevention system (IPS) features like deep packet inspection (DPI) and virtual patching to block malicious traffic.
ASUS ExpertWiFi EBG15
EBG15_right 45 degrees

ASUS ExpertWiFi EBG15 Gigabit VPN Wired Router
Your Business Network Expert Within Reach

The ASUS ExpertWiFi EBG15 provides a fast, secure and scalable network with rich features tailored for small-to-midsized businesses. EBG15 enhances network stability through Ethernet connectivity and provides internet backup with two WAN/LAN ports and one USB port to support business operations. As businesses expand, owners can connect the EBG15 to the switch and access point for broader coverage, ensuring the scalability and extendability of ExpertWiFi.

An office scenario featuring the EBG15 PoE access point ceiling mount, spreading WiFi signal coverage.

For remote employees or small business owners, ExpertWiFi provides stable and reliable internet connections. And with comprehensive VPN protocols, users can access their networks with site-to-site VPNs for encrypted office or home network connections, easily and securely.

ExpertWiFi provides an all-new platform for innovative business services. Brand information and advertising can be promoted via the Guest Portal feature to engage with your customers in different ways.

ExpertWiFi networking products are prepared to scale to customer needs. Businesses can greatly expand the size of their network when using ExpertWiFi devices.

To help protect data and information, the ExpertWiFi series offers commercial-grade network security through a free subscription to ASUS AiProtection Pro and Safe Browsing features.

ASUS ExpertWiFi series product video with feature introductions

Fast, Versatile Connectivity to Accommodate the Business Scenarios

For a larger or multi-story space, you can build a strong and stable network by connecting the EBG15 gigabit VPN wired router and the EBP15 PoE+ switch to three EBA63 PoE access points. If you require additional network coverage, you can easily add more EBA63 units to your existing business network.

A three-story office building featuring one EBG15 and one EBP15 PoE+ switch connecting three EBG15 PoE access points to provide seamless WiFi coverage throughout the entire office.
  • Café

    One ASUS ExpertWiFi EBR63 connected to one EBG15, providing coverage for a small café.

    Businesses with smaller space such as a café should get the best results by combining one EBR63 with one EBG15.

  • Office

    Two packs of ASUS ExpertWiFi EBM68 mesh routers are placed apart in a small office, with one pack connecting to an EBG15 PoE access point for extended WiFi coverage.

    For the best performance across your office, we recommend establishing a wired connection between the EBM68 mesh router and the EBG15. It is also important to ensure a clear, obstacle-free line of sight between two EBM68 routers, with a distance of no more than 15 meters for optimal connectivity and coverage.

  • Hostel

    A hostel with seamless network coverage provided by an ExpertWiFi product setup: one EBG15 gigabit VPN wired router connecting to an EBP15 PoE+ switch, with two EBG15 access points connected via PoE to the EBP15.

    For a larger or multi-story space, you can build a strong and stable network by connecting the EBG15 gigabit VPN wired router and the EBP15 PoE+ switch to two EBG15 PoE access points. If you require additional network coverage, you can easily add more EBG15 units to your existing business network.

  • Large Homes

    One ExpertWiFi EBG19P gigabit PoE+ VPN wired router connects to three EBG15 access points through PoE to extend WiFi coverage for a large house.

    For homes with multiple rooms and floors, you can establish a comprehensive whole-home network system by pairing the EBG19P gigabit PoE+ VPN wired router with three or more EBG15 PoE access points.

Maximize Performance with
ASUS ExpertWiFi PoE+ Switch and PoE AP

ASUS ExpertWiFi networking products are designed for easy scalability to fit a variety of SMB scenarios. By integrating ExpertWiFi series products, you can extend your business network coverage and access a complete suite of ExpertWiFi’s software features to boost your business operations. You can also connect the ExpertWiFi products with ASUS AiMesh extendable routers.

*The ASUS ExpertWiFi series is compatible with ASUS AiMesh products; however, the functionality of software features is subject to the capabilities of the primary router. The availability of some ExpertWiFi features may also depend on whether the AiMesh router supports them.

Learn more about ASUS ExpertWiFi products

Secure and Efficient Business Operation with VLAN

The ExpertWiFi series supports virtual local area network (VLAN)* management for enhanced security of your business. VLAN management enables an easy, fast and flexible way to segment wired and wireless networks, with support for a dedicated Ethernet port to provide even more data protection.

Employees connecting to different VLANs in the office.

Easy Settings for Your Business via the ExpertWiFi App

  • With the ASUS ExpertWiFi mobile app, you can set up and manage your business network easily and conveniently.

    ASUS ExpertWiFi App icon

    Download the ASUS ExpertWiFi App

    ASUS ExpertWiFi App user interface – login page
    ASUS ExpertWiFi App user interface – Router setup
    ASUS ExpertWiFi App user interface – Self-define network
  • ASUS ExpertWiFi series empowers business owners with multiple offices or workplaces to connect all network devices under one administrator account. In addition, they can easily manage various network devices in the ASUS ExpertWiFi mobile app anywhere, anytime.

    User interface of account binding on ASUS ExpertWiFi App.
ASUS ExpertWiFi App user interface – login page
ASUS ExpertWiFi App user interface – Router setup
ASUS ExpertWiFi App user interface – Self-define network
User interface of Self-defined Network with multiple SSIDs on ASUS ExpertWiFi App.
User interface of account binding on ASUS ExpertWiFi App.

Suitable for Business Applications

  • Compact Connectivity and Secure Networking

  • Multi-WAN group

The compact ExpertWiFi EBG15, at 121x75x26 mm, fits in the low voltage wiring box. Its site-to-site VPN enables secure connections and resource sharing across locations. With two WAN/LAN ports and a USB port for backups, it ensures stable connectivity.

The EBG15 provides reliable and stable internet access for business owners. In addition to two WAN/LAN ports that can be set as backup WAN, you can also set the USB port as a backup WAN by connecting it to your mobile phone with a hotspot. No complicated setup is needed—just plug it in and use it.

Environment Certification

ASUS ExpertWiFi is stringently tested to meet the requirements of world-leading sustainability certifications. These tests include a comprehensive database of up-to-date criteria, independent verification and a structured system for continuous improvement.

FSC certified logo for sustainable packaging
  • Eco-friendly packaging icon

    Eco-Friendly Packaging

    All ExpertWiFi products come with environmentally friendly packaging sourced from FSC-certified responsible forestry, and they benefit from more active management of the use of chemicals in the production process, to improve the recycling of packaging and substances, and to reduce environmental impact.

Powerfully Connected with the ASUS ExpertWiFi Ecosystem

Explore the ASUS ExpertWiFi Series
The ExpertWiFi product lineup in a café setting, with a hand holding a phone showing the ExpertWiFi SDN feature UI. From left to right in the back: EBG15 PoE AP, EBR63 all-in-one AP. Front: EBP15 PoE+ switch, EBG15 wired VPN router, and two packs of EBM68 mesh system.
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