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Inventio upgrades for the future with the ASUS ExpertBook series


  • Customer: Inventio Attorneys Ltd.
  • Location: Helsinki, Finland

Established in Helsinki in 2011, Inventio is guided by core principles that have led them to become one of the best boutique law firms in the Nordics today. These principles include a commitment to high-quality work, an approach of accepting only assignments within their area of expertise, and a dedication to ensuring personalized service to build meaningful client relationships and achieve remarkable results. As a technology-driven society has evolved, the necessity for powerful and secure IT equipment has become a key to the success. Specializing in demanding business law assignments with core competency on matters involving technology, employment, dispute resolution, and corporate crime, Inventio has moved from its traditional laptops to ASUS ExpertBooks. According to Topi Lusenius, partner at Inventio, the choice was simple.

An Essential tool for lawyers

He describes how the laptop has become an extension of lawyers today and how the shift to the ASUS ExpertBook series will help them succeed in their business even further. He uses an ultra-thin ExpertBook B9 with up to 17 hours of battery life. "We spend the majority of our time drafting documents, working in real-time with clients and representing them in court – working our magic on our laptops from home, offices and on the go and handling highly sensitive information daily. Thus, reliability, speed, security is something we do not want to compromise on”

ASUS Expertbooks has several features that make them the perfect tool for a law firm like Inventio. They offer military-grade durability and hardware-level encryption with a TPM chip that leads to increased security, something that is crucial when handling sensitive information. "The ASUS Expertbook offering of military-grade durability and hardware encryption with a TPM chip hit home", says Topi.

In addition to this, ASUS also offers excellent personal service, which was another deciding factor in Inventio's decision to switch. "Our discussions were initiated by our ASUS contact, who delivered ASUS's latest business laptops to our offices. Our experts got to handle and choose the most suitable equipment for each one of them. When the choices were made, it was easy to decide", Topi explains.

Flexible devices, allows work where it’s needed

For Laura-Maria, a senior associate at Inventio, the transition to the ASUS Expertbook B7 Flip equipped with 5G and 10 hours of battery life also has significance on a more personal level. "One fun thing I like to do after work and during holidays is cycling up and down the mountains and along Finland's coast, and my laptop is quite practical for that as I like to plan my routes and draw them on maps so that I am prepared for my adventures”.

The ASUS ExpertBook B7 Flip makes life a bit easier by offering all the benefits of both a laptop and a tablet. By rotating the screen 360 degrees, one can smoothly go from traditional work and typing on the keyboard to intuitively swiping across the touchscreen and taking notes with the ASUS Stylus. "The best thing about my new laptop is that I used to need a phone, a tablet, and a computer. Now I don't need to use a tablet anymore. I can read my morning newspapers with this laptop in bed as I would with a tablet and then immediately return to work mode if needed."

Embracing modern technology

Inventio's transition to the ASUS Expertbook series shows how technology can improve a business’s efficiency and security and contribute to a more intuitive workflow. This step forward in the world of technology is a shining example of how companies can reshape their workplaces to be more flexible, efficient, and secure.

Devices received

ExpertBook B9 B9400CEA

ExpertBook B9 B9400CEA

  • -14” Premium Business Laptop
  • -990g & 17 hours of battery life
  • -MIL-STD 810H Durability

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ExpertBook B7 Flip B7402FEA

ExpertBook B7 Flip B7402FEA

  • -14” Enterprise Laptop with 16:10
    Flip & Touch
  • -Smart Card reader, Thunderbolt 4, MiniDP and HDMI 2.0
  • -Enterprise-grade security

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ASUS Premium Care

ASUS Premium Care

  • -Warranty Upgrade providing 3y Pick-Up-and-Return & 3y Onsite Service

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