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    EeeBox PC B201

    EeeBox PC B201

    Flexible 1L-sized Energy Efficient Entertainment PC

    • Small — only 1L
    • Speedy loading of your PC applications and programs
    • Easy to mount on any LCD monitor*
    • Save up to 90% in energy consumption
    • High internet speed connectivity
    • Barely audible — only 26 decibels
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      Turn Up the Speed with a Faster Processor

      Give your studies, work and entertainment a boost with the EeeBox PC B201! It's as small, eco-friendly, easy-to-use, and quick to boot up as the original EeeBox PC, but has a faster processor for all-around speedier performance. Programs start up faster, applications run more smoothly, and you can perform more tasks simultaneously! Another powerful incentive to add a little Eee to your home.

      Turn the Digital Information Highway into Easy Street

      The EeeBox PC B201 is so easy to use. There's no technical manual — simply plug it in and you are good to go!

      Flexible 1L-sized Energy Efficient Entertainment PC

      The EeeBox PC B201 is a mini desktop PC with huge possibilities. Since the EeeBox PC B201 only requires around 20 watts of power, your carbon footprint is reduced by 90% compared to a standard PC. With a slim svelte design, the world's smallest desktop PC allows an array of space saving options. Plus, it's so easy to use. The simple intuitive interface lets inexperienced users get started right away. Enjoy easy living with the eclectic, efficient and eco-friendly EeeBox PC.

      Turn Your Monitor into a TV

      For a more interactive and personalized experience, the EeeBox PC B201 lets you access web based IPTV programs. The EeeBox PC B201 also acts as a wireless digital hub for streaming music, pictures, and movies from any media center.

      Turn Your Monitor into a Computer

      Whether it's a huge widescreen monitor for enhanced viewing or a 15? monitor suitable for tight spaces, in 3 easy steps, simply mount the EeeBox PC B201 on the back and the monitor becomes an all-in-one computer.