ASUS WL-330g Pocket Wireless Access Point + Ethernet adapter

    The compact WL-330g is not only a wireless access point (AP) but also a wireless Ethernet adapter, providing superior flexibility when building a wireless environment.

    Set up wireless network anywhere, anytime
    Do you want to set up a wireless network in the meeting room or in your hotel room? Do you want to share internet access with friends? Do you want to unwire your Network printer, desktop, notebook? The WL-330g is the ideal product to meet all you need.

    2 in 1ccess Point + Ethernet Adapter
    Pocket Access Point: Compact and Portable
    Easy portability allows you to set up a wireless environment anywhere, anytime. Perfect mobile companion for your portable wireless notebook, PDA, VoIP phone. Sharing instant Internet access with friends in hotel or meeting room
    Ethernet Adapter: Flexible and Practical
    Allow all Ethernet-capable devices go wireless Configuring the WL-330g in Ad-hoc mode for peer-to-peer data transmission.
    Plug n' play: WL-330g on the go!
    Effortless internet access anywhere, anytime. No bothered by annoying complicated settings anymore.
    Selecting operation mode by a hardware switch without complicated software settings.
    Easy window-based config utilities for users don understand TCP/IP. With the user-friendly setup wizard, configuring the security system is a walk in the park. For advanced users, configuring network settings security function can be done through web-based management.
    Access point mode:
    The WL-330g is a driver-free, plug-n'-play WLAN device. Just plug the WL-330g to Ethernet cables or Ethernet-capable devices and that's it!
    Ethernet adapter mode:
    the WL-330g by default will search and connect to the AP/router with the strongest signal. Moreover, pressing the reset button one time will allow the WL-330g to switch to the next AP.

    Customize your personal connection
    Auto-detect, auto-roaming function
    In Ethernet adapter mode, WL-330g connects to the AP/Router with strongest signal.
    Simply press the reset button to transfer to the next AP/router in the site survey list.
    Profile Auto-Switch function enables seamless roaming between home, office and car.
    Profile priority function to enable different type of site survey.