BroadRange Technology Triples Signal Coverage Range

    Multifunctional Broadrange Wireless Router
    (160GB or 250GB Hard Drive Pre-installed)

    Performance Wireless Router

    • EZ Setup enables convenient wireless connection configuration
    • More secured: 64/128 bit WEP, WPA/WPA2 supports TKIP, AES, WPA, WPA2 and MAC
    • Share USB printers, webcams and speakers with devices in WLAN (compatible list)
    • iPod Users can Manage Music Stored in the WL-700gE with the iTunes Interface

    Quiet and Stylish Design
    USB 2.0: Connect external hard drive for more storage capacity.
    RAID mirroring function for data backup.
    Built-in power adaptor maintains environment cleanness and saves space.
    Vertical placement saves precious desk space Efficient heat dissipation via special airflow design

    Easy File Transfer with AUTO COPY
    Just plug in the USB memory device and share content.

    Built-in 160GB Hard Drive
    No need to install hard drive yourself.
    Large digital content files can be easily stored and shared.

    Internet-based platform for sharing large files with colleagues, friends and clients at remote locations
    Create different user accounts and profiles for the access methods below
    DDNS support + Web Browser Sharing:
    Whether it's friends or customers, all they need to do is open Microsoft Internet Explorer, type in the link and they're ready to access and share files
    DHCP Server + Samba Server/Local Disk:
    Connect to WL-700gE LAN and share files via local disk

    Creating a Website is Not a Problem
    Web Server + Photo Album/Message Board Wizard:
    Just publish HTML files on the Internet to create various webpages without capacity limitation.
    Photo Album Wizard enables Blog creation in 3 steps

    Download Master
    Download files from the Internet even when the PC is off.
    - Auto bandwidth management ensures Internet access quality
    - Download 7 BitTorrent and 10 FTP/HTTP files simultaneously

    Plug 'n Share USB Storage & Mirroring Backup
    - Easily share external storage capacity
    - Flexible capacity expansion
    - Automatically backup digital file to the external USB hard drive

    Digital Home Information Center
    • UPnP AV Server (compliant to UPnP standard, and DLNA certificate standard)
      Play video and audio files stored in the WL-700g on TV via DMA (Digital Media
    • Interoperate properly with those DMAs that support UPnP and DLNA.
    • Manage and play music file via iTune utility.
    • WMM (Wi-Fi Multimedia) enhances audio, video and voice applications over Wi-Fi network.

    iTune Server + UpnP AV Server:
    Support iTune interface for music file management.
    The WL-700gE can act as the LAN's audio center
    Media files stored in the WL-700gE can be played with those digital media player with the best format interpretability

    User-Friendly Network Storage

    • Create personal web pages.Quickly build photo album in 3 simple steps
    • Smart Download: Download manually or automatically by setting queues
    • Easily to expand hard drive capacity with internal IDE disk and external USB disk in one user-level partition
    • RAID 1 enables online data mirroring