SBC-06D1S-U Blue

    SBC-06D1S-U Blue

    Outstanding Performance & Stylish Lattice Design

  • Extreme 6X Blu-ray reading speed
  • Drag-and-Burn: three simple steps to burn
  • Disc Encryption doubles the security with password-controlled and hidden-file functionality
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      SBC-06D1S-U Blue Is a 6X External Blu-ray Combo which also provides additional benefits for users as Disc Encryption & EASY burning solution. Moreover, With USB 2.0 & Stylish ID Design, it increases mobility and empower users to enjoy high definition videos anytime and anywhere.

      Flexible Dual Positioning

      Lattice Design with an additional stand, providing both vertical and horizontal two-way placement.

      Disc Encryption

      Security is paramount, regardless if you're a high-flying businessman, student or home-maker. Sensitive information needs to be protected and that is where Disc Encryption comes in. It allows you to protect an entire disc or partial of its contents with a password and also allows users to hide the names of the files within to further protect their data with ease and flexibility.

      Double Security with Disc Encryption:
      • Secured Content Access
      • Enhanced Copy Protection
      • Comprehensive Data Control

      Drag and Burn

      Drag and Burn Burning Dice offer a hassle-free approach to copying discs and burning files via the PC desktop. You just need to drop files into the interface then click "Burn". Only takes 3 steps to create a new disc.

      Easy 3 steps to complete disc burning:
      • Intuitive burning interface
      • Burn a disk in 3 simple steps
      • Simplified burning process