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What Are Intel Evo Laptops from ASUS and Why You Need One?

Nov. 4 2022

Author: ASUS    Reading time: 4 minutes

ASUS Zenbook Flip 13 OLED Intel® Evo™ convertible 2-in-1 laptop with OLED display being used in Tablet Mode to display colorful high-resolution photo at the desk next to a camera

Nov. 4 2022

If you are shopping for a laptop, you may have come across an Intel® Evo™ badge on some devices. This certification is awarded to laptop manufacturers to help assure users like yourself that the device is engineered with your modern lifestyle in mind.

Laptops need to meet certain criteria before joining the Intel Evo lineup. Those requirements are called Key Experience Indicators, and are based on real-life daily usage scenarios.

If you are wondering what that means exactly, and what the benefits of Intel Evo laptops are, this guide is perfect for you!

  • Versatility for All Lifestyles
  • Collaborate Intelligently
  • Premium Performance and Experience
  • Innovative Form Factors

Versatility for All Lifestyles

Intel Evo-certified laptops from ASUS are made to help you get things done―at home or in the office or on the go. Benefits include:


Intel Evo laptops come in portable sizes of anywhere between 12 and 16 inches. Their thin and light bodies help make sure that you can easily carry them wherever you go.

Instant Wake-Up

ASUS Intel Evo-certified laptops are made for those with busy lifestyles. Rest assured that these laptops will wake up in less than one second. Logging in is also fast and convenient. You don't need to type in your password each time. Instead, you can simply scan your fingerprint or use Windows Hello.

All-Day Battery Life

ASUS Intel Evo laptops will give you at least nine hours on a single charge in real-world conditions when displaying full HD content and running common apps.

Quick Charge

When it’s time to charge, that can be done in no time! ASUS Intel Evo laptops can achieve at least four hours of battery life after charging for just 30 minutes. This is made possible by power-supported Thunderbolt™ 4 ports on the laptops.

Collaborate Intelligently

Nowadays, video calls are our bread and butter―a nearly daily occurrence for most laptop users. The Intel Evo laptops from ASUS come equipped to enhance your online collaboration experiences and make video calls a breeze, with features such as:

Fast, Smart Internet Connection

To ensure a smooth video call, you need fast connections. ASUS Intel Evo laptops feature the latest WiFi 6E technology for low-latency, reliable communication.

Uninterrupted Video Calls

During an online meeting or when calling your friends or family, you want to be seen and heard clearly.

Your partners can see you clearly thanks to the 1080p FHD front-facing camera and video-enhancement software that helps optimize the image to help ensure you look your best.

To help further, ASUS laptops come with AI noise-canceling audio technology to ensure the best experience. This employs machine learning in order to isolate unwanted noise from human speech. The ClearVoice Mic feature in the MyASUS app can filter out ambient noise, and normalize all individual voices in Multi-presenter mode from different positions for optimum group conference-call quality. The ClearVoice Speaker feature filters out all ambient noise apart from human speech — so you’ll hear what everyone else is saying.

The battery is also going to last through your calls. These laptops are optimized to meet the Intel Evo battery requirements while running an eight-way video call.

Premium Performance and Experience

True versatility in a laptop means that it can handle any task you throw at it. That means processing power and responsiveness. You can also use your favorite accessories without any latency:

Premium Processing Power, Memory, and Storage

The Intel Evo laptops from ASUS perform at the highest level. These devices feature a latest-generation high-level CPUs (Intel® Core™ i5 or above) and Intel Iris® Xe graphics cards. All ASUS Intel Evo-certified laptops also pack plenty of memory, with at least 8 GB of RAM. You can also be sure you’ll have space to store all the files you need and access them quickly, thanks to at least 256 GB of SSD storage.

Responsiveness to All Your Needs

Satisfying the Intel requirement for Evo certification, ASUS ensures that these laptops stay responsive and perform smoothly and without freezing while running 25 common tasks — all while on battery! Even between the charges, your laptop will allow you to multitask and run plenty of software at once without freezing or crashing. Strong CPU and plenty of RAM, as well as other optimizations of both hardware and software, all contribute to this being the case.

Fast Wired Connections

The Intel Evo laptops from ASUS feature at least one high-speed Thunderbolt™ 4 connection and other USB type-C ports to enable you to connect to most modern accessories without latency.

Bright & Clear Bezel-Less Display

All ASUS laptops equipped with 12th Gen Intel Core CPU and certified with the Intel Evo badge feature a bright, colorful OLED Full HD display (learn more about OLED laptops here). These screens are packed into a thin bezel format that makes sure your viewing space is maximized.

Innovative Form Factors

To meet the most demanding needs of each unique user, ASUS offers plenty of form factor options.

The Zenbook Pro 14 Duo OLED is a perfect laptop for multitaskers and professional content creators. This unique laptop features two touchscreens with stylus support to extend your viewing space while using only the laptop.

The Zenbook S 13 Flip OLED is a convertible option that’s perfect for those on the go. You can use it as a laptop, tablet, or anything in between.

Finally, perhaps the most versatile laptop on the market now, the Zenbook 17 Fold OLED is a foldable device that can be used in six different ways. Use it on the go as a 12.5-inch laptop, as a desktop when office-bound, as a 17-inch tablet perfect for entertainment, or as a comfortable reading device when slightly folded and set to Reader mode.

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