The lightweight and durable ProArt Backpack is the perfect companion for the urban jungle. Inside, this water-repellent rucksack has a voluminous main compartment that can be divided to securely store your laptop and other valuables. The interior lining also has a unique stain-resistant, antimicrobial coating to keep your device hygiene and reduce odors.
ProArt Mouse is the first ASUS mouse that works with ASUS Dial. The fully customizable ProArt Mouse works seamlessly with ASUS Dial, allowing creators to quickly and easily make precise settings adjustments. It also has a side scroll wheel and a large, independent middle key with an integrated gaming-graded switch. The key is rated to up to 50 million clicks and provides the same solid feel for both left- and right-side clicks.
The ProArt Mouse Pad offers a unique antibacterial surface and two magnetic areas at the upper side of pad. The magnetic areas will catch ear buds, metallic tools, small screws and even a stylus to prevent them from rolling away or to simply allow users to organize accessories. Its non-slip base and antibacterial surface provide a firmly sit, easy cleaning and long-lasting surface.