E900 G4

    E900 G4

    4-Way Graphics for Full-Force Performance

    • Extreme 2P performance- Supports up to two Intel®Xeon® CPUs to push the power beyond the extremes
    • 4-Way NVIDIA® Quadro RTX™ support- ASUS’s first workstation powered by up to four NVIDIA® or AMD®GPUs
    • ECC memory- Up to 1536GB of error-correcting code RDIMM for data integrity and improved system stability
    • Scale up & scale out- Superb expansion potential to meet the your needs today and the demands of tomorrow
    • Independent software vendor (ISV) certification- Validated reliability and compatibility for your key applications
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      E900 G4 Workstation

      4-Way Graphics for Full-Force Performance

      4-Way Graphics for Full-Force Performance

      ASUS E900 G4 is ASUS's first workstation powered by up to four NVIDIA® or AMD® GPUs and up to dual Intel® Xeon® CPUs, delivering extreme, scalable performance for a wide variety of scenarios – from machine-learning to real-time rendering. It's built to last, certified by multiple independent software vendor and is primed to smash every performance expectation.
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        Achieve the performance you need with the latest Intel® Xeon® processors.

      • Up to


        ECC memory

        Easily handle massive data sets with 12 memory slots.

      • Up to


        tool-less drive bay

        Get the fastest performance for storage-bound applications.

      • Up to


        multi-graphic support

        Peach peak productivity with a wide choice of AMD® and NVIDIA® professional graphics.

      Scale Up, or Scale Out –Easily

      E900 G4 has superb expansion potential, so it's ready to scale up when the need arises – whether that's adding a second Intel® Xeon® processor, up to 1536GB of RAM or more storage via one of the eight tool-less drive bays. The workstation is also ideal for scaling out, meaning it's easy to equip further E900 G4 workstations as your need for compute power evolves.

      Independent Software Vendor (ISV) Certification

      We understand the importance of compatibility, and that E900 G4 must be ready to power the applications you need. ASUS works in close partnership with numerous independent software vendors, including industry leaders like Adobe and Autodesk, to test and verify compatibility with our hardware. These ISV certifications provide the peace of mind your organization needs to be assured that E900 G4 will perform reliably and effectively for your needs.

      Media and Entertainment





      • 3DS MAX

      • MAYA

      AEC-Architecture, Engineering, and Construction

      • REVIT

      • 3DS MAX

      • AUTOCAD

      Product Design and Manufacturing

      • AUTOCAD

      • FUSION 360

      • INVENTOR

      Ports & Slots