[NUC] NUC Products Transition from Intel to ASUS Plan

Starting from January 16th 2024, ASUS will begin providing technical and warranty support for 7th to 13th Gen NUC systems,except for Intel branded NUC Laptops,which will continue to be supported by Intel.  Also,technical and warranty support for NUC 6th Gen and older systems will remain with Intel.


7th to 13th Gen NUC system Software, Firmware and BIOS updates & support will also be provided by ASUS after the January 16th 2024.


#Attention: Below two NUC 8th Gen. series models are not on the Intel Transitioning List:

  • Crimson Canyon (NUC8i3CYB / NUC8i3CYSM / NUC8i3CYSN)
  • Islay Canyon (NUC8i5INH / NUC8i5INHX / NUC8i7INH / NUC8I7INHX)


Also, ASUS only supports the NUC product series include: Mini PCs/Kits/Boards/Elements,Laptop Kits is not included in ASUS's service plan.

If any question regarding NUC Crimson Canyon, Islay Canyon and Laptop kits product series, please contact Intel for product support.



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(Please prepare the model name and product serial number of the machine as accurately as possible to assist us in providing quick and precise service and support.)



You may contact ASUS through the following channels to receive warranty, service, & support: