TUF Gaming GT501

Vendor of the year 2019 in the categories: Motherboards, graphic cards, monitors, chassis and Mini-PCs
Overall TUF Gaming GT501 has everything a good case should have, like a spacious interior, ample hardware support, great out of the box cooling with 4 included fans and a unique military theme. The build quality of the case is very good both plastic and metal parts, which is expected considering the price.
ASUS is certainly known for their prowess in building great PC components and even finished laptops and desktop machines. This new foray into the chassis category seems to be off on a great start as the TUF Gaming GT501 is not only a feature-laden and well-built case but it’s also very adept at keeping temperatures on the lower side.
The perfect combat base for adventurous players. The Asus TUF Gaming GT501 PC case will amaze any player who relies on top design equipment and does not hesitate to pay extra for the above-standard. According to our tests, the best PC case on the market.
“I am awash with amazing PC cases this year it seems. Of course, the TUF GT501 is another welcome addition to a great lineup so far. You don’t have to be an ASUS fan and you don’t’ have to have TUF Alliance hardware to enjoy it. This is a great chassis throughout, it looks great, performs great, and I think the price is competitive for what it is too. Now, the real question is are you strong enough to carry it when it’s fully loaded?”
“It seems that ASUS know how to make a good PC case and we have no problem recommending the GT501 for anyone that likes its rugged and TUF aesthetic.”
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